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Or give us RE7.


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Wouldn't it make more sense to release Resident Evil 0-4 HD collection on the Wii U on one disc?



Beevdog wrote:

Wouldn't it make more sense to release Resident Evil 0-4 HD collection on the Wii U on one disc?

Would just break them up as Download Only Releases

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I have been waiting, and waiting. Has Capcom released anything on the Wii U yet? I can't even remember. I still have a sneaking suspicion that RE arrives at E3 with Nintendo securing some sort of exclusive deal like back in the gamecube days. Or after April 1st, which is the start of the new fiscal year.



Spuratis wrote:

As a huge fan of the earliar games in the series.. I think my favorite will always be RE3:Nemesis. There's just something terrifying about the potential of Nemesis being around every corner. It really kept me on your toes. I think it was harder than the first couple RE's as well.

Probably my most fearful gaming moments of my life!

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Moorpheel wrote:

Classic RE should stay Classic RE.

It may not seem like it, but the tank controls and fixed points of view are a big part of the experience and changing those aspects would make it more than a remake.

I understand your feelings on the matter. I'm a big fan of the classic RE games, but the honest truth is moving, aiming and looking around were terrible. The original RE games were made during that transition from 2D to 3D and so it was very experimental.

Moving works fine in those games, for the most part, but when you're in a hurry and you keep running into a wall, that's not very fun. Only being able to aim straight forward, up at the ceiling or down at the floor wasn't very intuitive, either. The idea was that if you were able to shoot a zombie in the head, there was a chance that you might decapitate them and effectively kill them, but it was so hard to know exactly where you're aiming. The still camera did provide atmosphere, but it was mainly used so that the game could display better graphics since they could make the game look better if they only had to work on things from certain sides. But, it was also a pain when you're shooting at a zombie that you can't see, even though he's two feet in front of you. The old games are great for what they are, but there's a reason why there aren't really any games like that anymore. Games have improved since then.

I have no problem with low amounts of ammunition, limited times you can save or no continues. I feel like those are the aspects that really make the game scary, not the bad controls and camera.

Besides, the GameCube / Wii remakes of RE1 and RE0 should be perfect for you if you don't want to see any actual game improvements and just graphical. But, I for one, would very much like to see RE0 and RE1 get updated gameplay mechanics.

Tasuki wrote:

Just what the Wii U needs a remake. Honestly I rather see something new rather then a remake. If I wanted to play older games well I have older systems for that.

There's always (at least) one of you in each of these threads. You know this is a thread about the idea of a remake so you just come in here and go, "I want new games, not a remake." Well, guess what, buddy. Just because one game gets remade, doesn't mean there won't be any more new games ever again. In fact, just like now, and always, there will continue to be way more new games than there are remakes. So don't worry about it, man. They will still make new games.

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No offense, but remakes probably won't happen. I'm not against it or anything, but the remakes on GCN are the efforts they put in place. They were working on both of those games while figuring out what to do with RE4, afterall. My bet is that they would have changed the game more akin to RE4 back when they initially remade those games.

Plus, the on-rail Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles was already a different take on gameplay from those times of the series.
They'll probably just make even more of an origin story from before 0 and the mansion incident, or something...

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