Topic: Regular Wii Remotes with Wii U?

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Will you be able to use regular Wii remotes with the Wii U or only ones with Wii Motion Plus for simple games like Mario U and Nintendo Land, as well as other games?



I assume you can just throw a motion plus into your wiimote, and it'll be good, but I don't know precisely. :3P

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Nintendo hasn't said and I doubt we'll know until people buy it and see. Regular Wii remotes are being phased out. You should just upgrade to Motion+. More and more games will support only the newer controllers. I don't know what NSMBU supports but Nintendo Land I'm fairly certain is Motion+ only.

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They MIGHT be.Im not completely sure...

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I think Wii U games are only going to support Motion Plus. I'm trading in all my Wiimotes for MotionPlus ones once I get my Wii U.


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I would think that games within the launch window would still support the regular remotes just like early Wii games supported the gamecube controller. Not all games, though. Like Nintendo Land looks like it will be motion plus only, which is fine. But I don't see why NSMBU would require it. The controls seem to be the same as NSMBW. You don't need motion plus to detect a shake. If Black Ops supports Wii remote and nunchuck, which I assume it will, then it probably won't require motion plus, either.


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