Topic: Recommend me an HDD that works with Wii U! :D

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Yeah title says it all, i'd like to know which HDD your using and that works. Add as much info about the HDD as you want but full name should be enough as i'll search online to see if Sweden's got it in any store or not etc.


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I have a Seagate Backup Plus 2TB that I bought for it a few years ago, and it still works perfectly. It was one of the ones on Nintendo's support web site. I would recommend it, but it might be hard to find a new one for sale now.


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I have WD my passport portable hard drive with a y splitter cable. It's worked perfectly fine for the past 3 years, and my WiiU is on pretty much daily.
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Seconded Seagage here, does the job perfectly. Though you need an extra connector because the one it comes with won't work, can't remember what's it's called ATM but once you get both of those you just need to plug it in and format it and you're set forever really especially if you get a 2TB one, that'd fit all the great Wii U games on it easily.



I have an old Iomega HDD that I had lying around. It works wonderful with the Y splitter cable.
I recommend that you search one that has an y splitter cable or that has an external power outlet, to ensure it doesn't turn off if the Wii U enters sleep mode.

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I have a Toshiba Canvio 2TB Desktop External Hard Drive that I got back in April 2015 and it still works great. This was one of the ones recommended and tested by Nintendo. It comes with it's own power adapter and a USB cable so you won't have to use a Y splitter cable to power it to the Wii U.


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I just use a standard USB stick. Which Nintendo said might not work very well but actually works just fine.

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