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super smash bros
mario kart 8
pikimin 3
wind waker hd
legend of zelda (2015)
wounderful 101
zombie u
yoshi wooly worlds
captain toad treasure tracker

and apart from games , gamepad ! off tv and it's functions

at this time these are most important reasons for me

(at this time i don't have wii u but i like to have wii u)

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one of the most important things for video games is gameplay not graphics (also game contents is very important for me)

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I have two Wii U's. One for my home (myself and wife) and one for school (after school video game club). The Wii U is fast becoming one of my favorite systems of all time.

I love the Wii U's off screen mode in my home. My wife and I share 1 television and I can play games while my wife is working out/watching TV, or when I get up early for breakfast at 4 AM and let my wife sleep while watching Netflix. The game selection is perfect for a family that loves same couch co-op (SM3DW, Rayman legends, MK8, Pikmin 3, W101, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros, Yoshi WW, MK8, NSMU, DKTF, Mario Maker, Nintendoland, Capt Toad, Splatoon). I have NO desire to play money for the privilege to play online on top of my internet access bill, so Wii U infrastructure is fine with me. I love posting on Miiverse and having backwards compatibility. Finally, I love the indie games (Shovel Knight, Armillo, Affordable Space Adventures, Hex Heroes).

The Wii U is the ultimate local same couch co-op system. My students love playing nintendoland (assymetric gameplay!), and "cooperating" on SM3DW-Rayman Legends (mostly trolling each other and yelling a lot .... This is a great example of Nintendo's vision of giving people a new way to play together and really validates the vision of the Wii U.

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1. It has games that I am actually into. I didn't grow up with any of Sony or Microsoft's games. Instead I grew up with Nintendo games, and therefore developed a really big connection to them. The Xbone and PS4 won't have Mario, or Kirby,or Smash Bros.
2. I mostly draw pictures on Miiverse with the Wii U, because for me it's easier to draw on the Gamepad.
3. You can download Earthbound on it. Do I really need to explain?
4. Most of the games I'm excited for are coming out on Wii U. The only games I'm looking forward to that aren't coming out on the Wii U are Smash Bros. 3DS, the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, and the Mother 4 fangame.

There is nothing here...except for the stuff I just typed...

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Even if there hasn't been a game that made a revolutionary use of the GamePad, there's a lot of games where it's been used to make things simpler and more convenient. Having the second screen really makes things easier in a lot of games.



Haven't owned a Nintendo since NES and SNES Between that and now there's been Xboxes, playstations and pc games. And now finally with a Wii U I can say that Nintendo still feels unique, and most of all, Nintendo. And the console even smells the same way it did when i unpacked my first NES in '87.



kkslider5552000 wrote:

-I got more enjoyment out of the first year games, at least compared to 3DS and even Wii if you ignore Twilight Princess.
-The controller is pretty cool, both in theory and execution.
-When people actually have notable use of the Gamepad features, it's been fairly consistently really good.
-Good japanese publishers are given a high profile chance to shine
-I didn't have to pay a cent to finally play an AC game online
-Miiverse is pretty cool and has been improved dramatically
-The eShop is really good and has shockingly worthwhile background music (maybe not so shocking after that catching Wii Shop theme that was put into Brawl of all things).
-The eShop lists the top selling digital games
-It has the definitve version of perhaps the definitive co-op platformer, Rayman Legends
-It looks to have a strong indie lineup
-Nintendo's lineup for this year has literally 4 sequels (or something similar) to a personal GOTY from previous years
-Taking advantage of free-to-play and the like in ways that haven't annoyed me so far

unfortunately it's now 3 sequels to GOTYs for 2014.

-giving me Wind Waker HD for free just for buying their most popular game
-my prediction on indie support is quickly becoming 80% accurate at the very least (if i can play stuff i missed like bastion or mark of the ninja it'll go to like 95)
-it's interesting, sadly for the near future this is a necessary compliment for a current gen console to do this
-It has my 2 most anticipated titles for the rest of the year, no bias required
-no more running retro Mario inspired titles in the ground (you can do that yourself with Mario Maker )
-gave me an excuse to go fully into indie titles

though i'll fully admit that that last point means exactly what you think it means but this is the positive thread so...

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Kyloctopus wrote:

It has 3 Mario platformers in it's first year. That's a good thing if you ask me. Especially when you consider that the GCN and N64 only got 1, and the Wii got 3 in it's entire lifetime.So, the Wii U's on a good track to be Mario's best system. And hopefully Galaxy 3 will come out for the system, like Miyamoto hinted at.

Well, with Mario Maker, that makes 4 Mario Plarformers.
Captain Toad is another game in the Mario Universe, so a Mario fanatic like myself can only be more satisfied as time goes on.

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Games everyone loves. In the past couple weeks I brought my Wii U with me to various locations and everyone had a blast playing MK8, Game&Wario, Smash Brawl.


Shovel Knight added a lot for me. It was a combination of the great game and the fact it's so pretty on the Game Pad, and plays so well, with customizable buttons, and then... the Mii Verse integration was out of this world, so when you play it, you really feel like you're getting a unique experience that's only possible on Wii U... from what I hear, the 3D effect on the 3DS is also amazing, so it's great that the game uses the respective platform to its best advantages in simple yet satisfying ways.

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Love for the WiiU? Where do I begin?

I got the console last Christmas after a rather tough year. I spent a majority of the year working a job I couldn't stand simply to pay the bills for my girlfriend and I. She was going through some really severe depression &, with her family's and my blessing, she quit her job. Most of my time was spent between work & trying to keep her spirits up. It was definitely a rough year. Nearing Christmas, my interest in the WiiU peaked. Something about the Gamepad had me entranced. With the announcement of 3D World, I knew I HAD to get a WiiU. I had borrowed my brother's 3DSXL around the Fall & I already had a copy of 3D Land that I got at a garage sale for $2 earlier that summer. I beat that game through and through. It cemented itself as my favorite Mario game. So I knew...I HAD TO HAD TO HAD TO get a WiiU! However, it became very apparent that not only could we not afford it, but it was very likely that I wouldn't be getting anything for xmas. I was fine with that. I didn't expect anything anyway. Afterall, she wasn't working & I knew our budget. The WiiU just kept lingering in my mind though. Christmas is quickly approaching and my girlfriend, very blatantly, asked me what I wanted. If money wasn't an issue & you could get anything you wanted, what would it be? She asked. I told her, Honestly...the WiiU. Its all I want. I don't even need any games. Nintendoland would be enough., she smiled but I could see the sadness in her eyes as she knew it would be impossible for her to obtain this for me. Its one of those moments that stuck with me to this day. I can remember everything about it. I asked her the same question and the answer she gave was exactly what I had already planned on buying her for xmas. Needless to say...we were both in store for a memorable holiday.

Christmas comes along and we spend the first half of the day at her family's house and the second half at mine. By the end of it all, I had about 4 gifts. A movie, coffee mug, & a couple of Gamestop gift cards. Not to shabby actually. Then, from out of nowhere, my best friend (who comes over for most of my family's xmas') drops this HUGE box infront of me (much larger than a WiiU box)! I knew, from my girlfriend's past gifts, that there was some trick to this box. She always had clever ways of giving gifts. My mind couldn't help it, it immediately sensed that there was a WiiU in this thing! As I unwrapped and opened the box, I felt such a rush! What did it reveal?!...another wrapped box. -_- Lol! This went on for about 4 more boxes until...Wii-!...Skylanders? Wha? I had never shown interest in Skylanders. I tore off the rest of the wrapping to reveal the Skylanders edition of the WiiU!!! She knew I didn't want Skylanders, but knew I wanted the white WiiU, & wanted it new at that. Turns out my best pal & her split the cost with some money she had been holding on to from after she quit her job. This made all the trials of the last year worth it. I'll never forget this moment. It meant the world to me. It showed appreciation for my sacrifices & hard work. The WiiU signifies an extremely happy moment in my life. Nothing can take that away. :'-)

Ahem...with that said...I have many more reasons why I love the console rather than the initial story. So as the great Mario would say, Here we go!:

will continue on a second post as I am doing this from my cellphone and don't wanna risk losing everything I just typed

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2. The Legend of Zelda U
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5. Splatoon


As promised, here are the reasons why I absolutely LOVE the WiiU!:
(in no particular)

The Presentation
I was never the biggest fan of the Wii's channel presentation actually, but something about the WiiU's just works better for me. Rather than pointing, I can just touch whatever it is that I want. Its far more intuitive & even takes advantage of the two-screen aspect of the WiiU with the Miiverse Plaza. I'll admit that I haven't really utilized the Plaza much, but its always fun to look up at or to browse through random comments. Especially when I stumble upon someone I actually speak with over Miiverse. I like how easy it is to get into one application to the next & how quick you can go from game to Miiverse. Overall its just really solid and works well. I also love the menu music & how it'll actually tone down if you are idle for to long and pick back up as soon as an input is made.

Some ppl hate this thing...personally I really enjoy it. It definitely has far FAR to many kids running around (especially after 3DS integration was done, good lord!), but if you can find some adults or even mature teens, it can be a fun experience. I enjoy that almost every game has its own community, making it easy to find ppl with a similar interest as your own. Overall, I'd say Miiverse has succeeded more than its failed.

Memory Expansion
As I mentioned above, I have the white WiiU so memory became an issue only a month or two after getting it. I love that expanding the memory is just as simple as plugging in a flash drive to the USB port. That's all I had to do & now I'm over 30GB. Its great! Whenever the day comes where I'll need more memory, I'll just go buy another.

The Gamepad
This is easily one of my favorite controllers ever made. Its right up there with the Wavebird, Dreamcast, & Saturn analog controller. Not only is it insanely comfortable, but Off-TV play has changed my life. My eyes are pretty poor, so I have to sit rather close to the TV to really be able to see what is going on. Thanks to Off-TV play, I can not only see better but I can lay on the bed beside my girlfriend while I play. It doesn't get any better than that.
I also enjoy games that utilize the gamepad screen for unique gameplay experiences, like Nintendoland & ZombiU.

The Games
I've had the WiiU for less than a year & I already own 15 or so games (discluding digital content), I have a list of about 20 games I still want that are already out (this doesn't include digital content), and next year will be jam packed with games I can't wait to play! There is no shortage of games for this system, in my opinion. I can't even keep up with all the games I want. Its a bit overwhelming actually. Lol

Family Time
I live with my inlaws currently. This console has brought us all together more times than I can count! Nintendoland alone probably has over 200 hours of gameplay on joke. I'm burnt out on it personally, but they play it at least a couple if times a week still. I have more fun now just watching them have fun with it.

Wii BC
This didn't became apparent until my girlfriend utilized it for Mario Kart Wii. We now have ANOTHER game to play together. We'll definitely play the hell out of this before getting MK8. I used to hate this game due to the crappy motion steering...then I discovered nunchuk controls. Its like a whole new game now! This made me realize that my Wii needs some love, and since I sold'll be my WiiU getting all the love. Lol I still have quite a few Wii games I haven't even played yet too.

You'll notice I didn't mention the Eshop. Personally, I'm not satisfied with it. I love the presentation & that indies are finally getting some love...but releases are to far and few inbetween. The fact that we get only 1 or 2 VC titles a week is an absolute joke. The Wii VC catalog should've been ported over upon launch. Its like Nintendo is allergic to making money off of digital content. I really don't understand it.

To end on a positive note, the Eshop is literally my only complaint about the system. The WiiU is quickly becoming one of my favorite consoles of all time. It has that same intangible magic that the DC & GC had (my two favorite consoles). I absolutely adore this console. As far as I'm concerned, until the PS4 picks up A BUNCH of steam (probably going to be another year or two, for me anyway), I won't be needing one. The WiiU has far surpassed my expectations and continues to do so regularly. Thanks Nintendo. Seriously.

I command the following plan, obtain green stars & stamps!
1. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
2. The Legend of Zelda U
3. Sonic BOOM
4. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong
5. Splatoon


I think Splatoon will be hugely successful franchise going forward. And the struggled Wii U will be the console to thank for it!



Only good thing about the Wii U is that you can play GBA games on the Wii U gamepad. Otherwise, it's terrible console made by Nintendo. They should have continued the Wii.....but oh well, it's their bad business plan.

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NightmareEater wrote:

They should have continued the Wii... but oh well, it's their bad business plan.

Although I think they could have done more for the Wii given that they kind of stopped making (proper first party) games for it as their fourth year approached, I do feel that given the gulf in power between the Wii and both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and the fact that the Wii could not output any kind of HD resolution in an age whereby HDTV was becoming more and more popular at the time, I am glad Nintendo dropped the Wii earlier than expected.

You only have to look at the dramatic sales drop off after year four to see that people were either moving on or were no longer interested. As much as I would like to be improved wrong, the era of the Wii and DS was a complete one off for Nintendo and that they shall never have the same success as those two again.

On the positive side, I like my Wii U for giving me Pikmin 3 after waiting and waiting for it on the Wii, as well as those 'smaller' games like Captain Toad, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush and Splatoon; they were all available at a much cheaper price (£29.99) and they were great games in their own right too.

I also LOVE the GBA games on the Virtual Console - never had one before therefore playing WarioWare Inc., Wario Land 4, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Kuru Kuru Kururin and Advance Wars has been a real joy! Those are easily my favourite times when playing on the Wii U.

The Wii U is a really good console, but unfortunately, the Wii crowd had long since moved on. A shame, given that the Virtual Console aside, the Wii U is so much better than the Wii. Here's hoping that this NX thing will shake things up for them.



Looking back at page 1 of this thread brings back lots of memories, wasn't that long after I joined this site and the Wii U was still in the "Please Understand" region

Wii U has been fantastic over the nearly 2 years I've owned it and while there isn't much left that I'm looking forward to (Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, SMTxFE, Star Fox Zero), it has definitely been worth my purchase. I'm still playing Mario Kart 8 for hours on end (will definitely have over 1000 hours by the end of July), Hyrule Warriors is still neverending (in a good way), although Smash was initially a huge disappointment the DLC has made it into a fantastic game (can't wait for more 64 stages), lots of other great games, Wii backwards compatibility has been very helpful especially before Mario Kart 8 and Fire Emblem 7 came out, still got a huge backlog of games I haven't even started and the Virtual Console has been superb.

Really there's only a few things that stop the Wii U from being my favourite console of all time so far:

  • The inability to play GameCube games: So much missed potential and that is what would've made me less sour about all this NX news, for example let us play a proper F-Zero game! (GX is by far the best in the series)
  • The Wii U being abandoned in 2016: This July 2016 release date for NX frustrates me as the Wii U will only be about 3 and a half years old (mine would be about 2 and a half) which is burning the consumers.
  • The inability to access system settings and press ok on error code screens without the Gamepad: To be honest this is just a small nuisance, plenty of times I've received an error code in Mario Kart 8 when the Gamepad's battery is flat so you have to charge it up to move from the error screen. This could be fixed by a system update of which doesn't the DeNA thing confirm there'll be a system update in fall 2015?
  • Game Droughts: This was a huge issue in 2014 but not really this year due to backlog and DLC.


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I like the wii u because of the games! - and because its backwards compatible... I have way more wii games than wii u games, and still havent played all of them...



I love the games, I love some of the online play, I love the feel of the controllers (nintendo always nails the feel of the sticks, buttons, controllers and shapes etc.), I love the ease of game startup (tap, you're done), I love the general visual quality we get, I love the hdmi cable setup, I love digital game buying.

I want to be able to increase the input lag on my gamepad somewhat to sync it with the tv though. It's a frame behind and the audio is echo-y because of it

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