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UPDATE: Ubisoft has just announced a 1st March 2013 UK release date for Rayman Legends.
A demo of the game will be available through the Nintendo eShop on 13th December 2012.

Wii U platformer Rayman Legends will launch in the UK on 28th February, publisher Ubisoft has announced (via ONM).


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Bloody hell, thats ages away! I expected it in January.

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got that pre ordered >< i exspected late december early jan damn it

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A demo of the game will be available through the Nintendo eShop on 13th December 2012. Can't wait.

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Will download the demo and give it a try. Wife will probably enjoy this as well as she enjoyed the 3DS version.


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I really hope this demo comes when it is supposed to. I've been waiting a long time to give it a try.

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I'm not surprised it's delayed. Honestly, considering the heavy use of Gamepad ( least compared to the optional or limited use in most early Wii U games), and the continued amazing art direction, I'm surprised it's being released this quickly since Rayman Origins came out just last year.

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I hope it's not the same demo the wiiu has running at bestbuy with only two short/easy levels... =



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