Topic: Rayman legends or wonderful 101!??

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tebunker wrote:

sell something and get both...

Yeah I thought of that but not much I care to part with. I even thought about selling my iPhone. Lol sad I know!!

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sell that iphone quick apple are tracking you, you know. seriously tho my phone cost 10 pound and its great id much rather spend the money on shiney new wii u games!

put it on.


I bought both, and both are very good games. Rayman is a casual game where you can drop in and play 2 or 3 levels and move a bit further forward. It isn't particularly taxing. 101 is much more intense, much more shocking game. It will stick in your brain and appear in your dreams. It is quite frustrating in some levels, but the sort of frustrating where you will stick with it to make it work. I prefer 101.

I would also say that 101 may be harder to get later on- it was hard enough to find on launch date!

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