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September is going to be insane. Grand Theft Auto V, Killzone: Mercenary, and Rayman Legends all being released in one month is going to murder my wallet.

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I'll go ahead and say it now.
August shows up "PS3 and 360 versions of Rayman Legends has been delayed until Q1 2014, Wii U version cancelled."
lol, could you imagine?


I don't even want the game, but this whole situation just annoys and baffles me.
It's really hard to see how the delay is a good decision (unless there's some other unknown reason for it) and I'm quite looking forward to September when it blows up in their faces.
Can't say I'm too surprised though... if you want a good example of how good Ubisoft is at getting things right then all you have to do is attempt to play Assassin's Creed 3 online and it becomes pretty apparent.

Anyway, over this now.


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I wouldn't be surprised if ZombiU was ported to the PS3 and Xbox 360.



This news has made me sooo mad >: (

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Stupid a pointless... Now it won't sell as well due to all of the other games coming out in September... Ubisoft have made a giant mistake here...

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CapnPancakes wrote:

Actually, Origins is out for 3DS. I just saw it at my Best Buy the other day. With all the delays it was hard to keep track of the release date.

...Wait seriously? o.0
Maybe I'll keep an eye out of it next time, but I thought they delayed it again (and now again for Legends), ugh I don't get these guys. lol


Well, I lost a lot of respect for Ubisoft; I've nothing wrong with a company making games multiplatform but Ubisoft pledged their support for the Wii U and this is a huge contradiction. Sure, it's great news for non-Wii U owners interested in it, but it hurts the sales of the Wii U version (though the other versions more than compensate that) and hurts the Wii U sales. I haven't been too worried about the Wii U taking off but now I am. I hope Nintendo can start compensating for the unreliable third parties, I doubt they'll be as lucky this generation as they were last...

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At least the WiiU version will be the best version out there.

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Ubisoft: To understand the Wii U you need to experience it.

Well thanks for delaying some of that experience right there... xD


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I like how people are getting mad that Ubisoft is essentially not keeping their games exclusive. Porting Rayman Legends to other platforms will give Ubisoft more money, and money is the most important factor in the gaming industry.



I'm all for third party games getting ported everywhere to make more money. I just hope this doesn't backfire on Ubisoft. Some gamers will only buy exclusive games for the Wii U and since Rayman Origins already sold poorly on Xbox and PlayStation I'm not sure this was a good move for them. my pants.


Knux wrote:

I like how people are getting mad that Ubisoft is essentially not keeping their games exclusive. Porting Rayman Legends to other platforms will give Ubisoft more money, and money is the most important factor in the gaming industry.

That's only half the issue here, which you'd know if you'd actually read what people are saying. The bigger issue is that they delayed it by months, mere weeks from the release date. This was the best time to release it. This month, NOT September. They're pretty much asking for the game to fail now, exclusive or not. Unless it gets hit with yet another delay, but by then, people may not care. They already killed Origins by releasing it too close to some very highly anticipated games. They've learned nothing. That right there is the problem.

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M_Jenius wrote:

Wow. That kind of sucks. While I am not a Rayman fan and had no intention of picking this up personally, it still hurts to see the Wii U lose a high profile exclusive. Just to rub salt in the wounds it's delayed too. That's rough, Ubisoft.

Ubi never committed to making this a full exclusive, the delay is a shame though. Right now, with Wii U's library still pretty weak, was the time to strike.

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Since it's no longer a Wii U exclusive, I hope it gets a PC release as well.


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MrSRArter wrote:

I hope it gets a PC release as well.

That's where the real money is. my pants.


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