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I am about 150 "teensies" in and I am loving this game. If you don't have it, but are looking for a fun game that has a an awesome local multiplay element as well I would recommend this one. The soundtrack is very, very good. I am very much looking forward to spending a bit more time with this one.

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Its one of the handful of games I can say I completed 100%... Incredibly long to get Million Lums!

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One of the finest games on the Wii U, easily. Love the Murphy Levels with the gamepad. I imagine the game's still great on other consoles, but having the gamepad for those Murphy Levels is really what makes this version shine. I imagine the Vita version's pretty good too.

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I don't want to repeat myself too much but seriously, it is the single best use of the Gamepad and the best game to get for Wii U. Even if it isn't the best game that is on Wii U, I'd still consider it the best Wii U game. It did exactly what I wanted out of Wii U, to take beloved genres and games and add something completely new and interesting to it that adds to the game.

And it literally has the entire previous game (slightly tweaked even!) in it. And a Challenge mode that even before the proper game's release I've put more time into than most of my Wii U games. I could recommend this game just for value alone.

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The music levels... Holy [email protected]! The game is worth the purchase price for them alone!

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As I mentioned in another thread- this purchase helped justify my Wii U.... I know it's not exclusive but I really like how the gamepad is used.....



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