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This game is INCREDIBLE. I'm only about a quarter of the way through and this is easily my favorite 2d platformer of all time. The creativity in this title is remarkable. The art style, the whimsical but challenging gameplay, using the gamepad for Murphy. Tons of collectibles. Challenges, etc.

It's now evident how much of a loss this was as a Wii U exclusive. This could've fillled in the gap between the Launch Day Big 3 and the Lego City Y Monster Hunter month.

If you remember, Wii U actually sold well off the strength of Mario, NintendoLand, and ZombiU in the beginning, but then it died out. Had Legends come out a few months later it could've very likely maintained that initial hype as this game is just that good. A few months later, MH3u and Lego City would've came, then a fewmonths later the game & wario, nslu and all the titles we're seeing now would start coming out.

It's only one title, but if timed right, right in the middle between launch and lego city, it would've made a 6 month wait betwen exclusives be only a few months each time. While that's still a while, it would've been understandable with it being a new console.

Now, factor that in with the fact that Pikmin 3 was supposed to be released earlier, and we can see that Nintendo actually had this planned out fairly well. Rayman and Pikmin filling in those long gaps would've done wonders. It was that 6-7 month period of nothingness that killed Wii U's momentum, but it's not Nintendo's fault Ubi pulled out of Rayman exclusivity, and then they miscalculate3d the transition to HD with Pikmin3.

I'm now starting to have my faith restored in Nintendo as I begin to see that they had a decent plan and it just fell through, vs my previous thought of them jumping into this whole thing completely unprepared.



Great game, the singlelayer feels a bit short though (only counting the new levels) & the final boss was disappointing IMO.

But it's a really really lovely title.

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So? Is there a one thread per game limit?

This is talking about the effect the game would've had on wii u sales whereas the other one is more about details of the game.



I keep reading these great reviews on here and by other actual players that makes me wonder if I should get this right now instead of wonderful 101. For now anyway....
The main reason is for the multiplayer fun.

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Thanks for everyones comments. I think the WII U will be just fine with pikmin 3(this game alone has done a decent job moving systems), rayman legends coupled with the price drop and some big titles will cause BIG growth as in sales of hardware and software. I doubt it will fare better that the PS4( this holidays season i think the WII U will outsell the xbone cause of high price and bad pr) but it will do way better than the gaming analyst and trolls predict.

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LetsGoRetro wrote:


So? Is there a one thread per game limit?

We do ask that users look for active threads before creating duplicates in our Community Rules. Please feel free to post any RL-related thoughts you may have to our main Rayman Legends thread if you like. Enjoy! :3

future of NL >:3
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