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This thing's really addictive! I've been playing the challenges every day.

Also, it does seem the levels from the demo have been tweaked slightly.

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Popcorn wrote:

im loving this game a TON

at 1st i saw it and thought i might as well check it but now i bought the app and im addicted to it. the music the graphics everything is great

btw how do you reach lvl 2 awesomeness?

If you click on 'my stuff' on the gamepad, and click on the awesomeness button, it shows how many points you need to get to the next level of awesomeness. You get points from getting cups in the levels and challenges.

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I first played this with a friend and was wondering how on earth it would work in single player. Then I found out that movement is taken over by the AI and you simply control Murphy. Actually made it easier for me as some of the jumps were hard to execute and I wasn't always aware of enemies I had to kill. Now I'm addicted to the daily challenges (got my first gold cup in the new weekly challenge!) Once again I've been convinced to buy it.

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I'm honestly really impressed with the touch screen use btw. Even as someone who loved the DS' uniqueness, this is some of the best use of a touchscreen in a game I've seen. I'm already enjoying this so much. Honestly it also has some of the best use of multiplayer in a 2d platformer I've seen, like there seems to be similarities in single player and multiplayer and using normal controls and using the multiplayer touch screen really seems like you could go through the game multiple times and have at least slightly different experiences in the same levels. That's really cool.

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I'm gosh darned impressed. Makes me pretty ticked I need to wait all through the summer for the full game, though. Ah well. Plenty of other games to finish in between.



So I recently downloaded this and I get errors at least once or twice every time I play. I doubt this is normal as I haven't seen people complaining. Could it have downloaded wrong? It's blaming my hard drive but every single other game I have works flawlessly with it...
EDIT: I moved it to system memory and get the same I'm gonna try deleting and redowloading. One of the errors says to remove the disk and start again, that makes no sense whatsoever.

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Yea... never saw any errors so far. Something happened during your download/install.



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