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I'm thinking about getting the black Tritton Kunai Wii U headset. I noticed something though on both the Tritton and the Turtle Beach N11. They both have one cord. Why is that? My brother has the X11 on the Xbox 360 and it has like 3 or 4 different connections and it plugs into a USB for power, same with the new X12's he is getting. Why is it the Wii U ones are different? And does it matter? Are they nerfed or still just as good?

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The difference seems like its the fact that the WiiU gamepad has 3.5mm (or standard headphone) jack on it so it supports game audio and voice chat. On the Xbox the smaller plug(2.5mm) supports the voice chat because the controller doesn't put out the game's audio. To circumvent this they use the 2 red/white audio cords to capture game audio, and the usb powered amplifier to transfer the game audio to the headset, where as the 2.5mm cord takes care of voice chat. Overall I think the amplifier may make some difference as well as the bass boost, but the WiiU headset functionally does the same thing, only in less steps due to being setup for easier access to issues like this. Hope this helps.

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