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The problem with Wii U is Nintendo assume everyone has all the controllers from the previous Wii

Lets take a NEW Wii U owner for example, somebody who hasn't owned a Wii before they get there Premium Wii U with Nintendo Land bundled get it home put in Nintendo Land play a few single player games and then start wondering how 2 player games work thinking they probably need another game pad then it says they need a wii remote to play so after spending £299.99 on the console they then have to go back to GAME and get a wii remote and if if they don't realise they need to buy a nunchuck as well then thats more money they need to spend. So thats another £40 say
So they get home and they have there new wii remote and nunchuck but wait, i have just started metroid blast and my wii remote won't calibrate i'm lying it on the floor as it asks but it's not working, ooops they bought an old traditional wii remote and now they can't play all the games. I can see this pi**ing off a few familys at xmas.

I know this is probably not gonna happen all that often as alot of people will still have old Wii's and all the extras but there will be the odd new person that will invest in the console not knowing what there buying into
This console will have more control choices than any other console in history you have
Wii Remote
Wii Remote Plus
Classic Controller
Pro Controller
Game Pad

I really think some familys are gonna be confused with the Wii U

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The Shinyness of the console will also blind many people, as it was not meant for mortal eyes. :3

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I don't even think they sell non motion plus remotes anymore, unless they buy used at GS. Even then, if an actually cool person is working at GS, they're not a**holes and are going to say that the motion plus one will support everything no matter what. Besides, if they read the manual w/ their game, it will tell you your control options. Someone just buying anything in sight is like trying to shoot a target in a pitch black environment. Who knows, they could get lucky...


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Yeah, all controllers now have Motion Plus built in, the only way to get one without that is buying used. I doubt that will be a huge problem. It's a shame the bundles don't have the option of including a Wii Remote, because casual buyers might not realize they need that,,, but then again, all the advertisements I've seen show people with remotes (in addition to the gamepad). On the other hand, these are the same advertisements confusing non-gamers, making them think the Wii U is a controller and not a new console (though anyone who goes to buy it will quickly learn otherwise, as they can't simply buy a gamepad on its own and assume it works with the Wii).

I think if anything the bigger problem is for the casual Wii crowd that already have the system along with some older remotes and aren't well informed. They will buy the Wii U assuming they already have the remotes they need, only to find out they don't have Wii Motion Plus. Still, I don't see a better solution other than maybe trying to be more clear (which would be difficult without scaring consumers away on everything they "have" to buy"). Not allowing Wii controllers to work would ask consumers to pay more, not having new controllers like the gamepad takes away most of the new system's functionality, and automatically including Wii remotes in bundles would increase the cost when a large number of buyers already have them.

Side note, I imagine the Pro Controller mainly applies to gamers and will rarely be required for games, just as the Classic controller for the most part was only required for VC (and most casual owners I've known never even bothered connecting the system online).

Also, if we're talking about all the controllers it supports, don't forget the Balance Board! Wii Fit U will require it.

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