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For games like Batman Arkham City: Armored Core Edition, Assassin's Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and Darksiders 2 that utilize the Wii U Pro Controller, can the Wii's Classic Controller work for these games or is it only the Pro Controller? I want to get the InterWorks Pro Controller but I heard that it cannot function as a Wii U Pro Controller, it's basically a WiiMote and Classic Controller combined to look like a Pro Controller, so I want to make sure it can also be used for games that only support the Pro Controller and GamePad.



I'm not sure any retail Wii U games, with the exception of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, can use the Wii Classic Controller.



I wouldn't recommend that interworks controller but as for your other question it's all in the eShop. Although looking at the games you mentioned I don't think any of those support the Classic Controller. Batman doesn't even support the Pro Controller.

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I know Sonic & All Stars Racing Transform can use it, I've been using my Classic Controller Pro (although switching back to the Gamepad since the Classic Controller's analog is messed up a bit, screwing me up in some precise challenges).

Hmm, I don't plan on getting Darksiders 2 and Batman anyways, so maybe if enough games I want in the future still support the Classic Controller, I'll probably get it, especially since I still have a good amount of Wii games I have yet to beat that would work great with the Interworks controller. Of course I should invest in the actual Pro Controller also.

Thanks ^_^



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