Topic: Predict what's going to be revealed at the Spike awards.

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Yet Geoff Keighly said it would be a World Premiere. I guess it will be the World Premiere of a new character to a previously announced game. Now I'm just expecting same lame Mii characters with a Reggie head option in SSB and Cranky Kong. Maybe they consider Zelda U to be announced, but that's probably denial talking. I'll hold out hope that it's something great though.

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He actually said he had no idea what it was. He never said anything about a "world premiere"

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Wii U game? :/

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.


If it's just a Wii U game, then that may rule out Smash Bros. because that's going to be for Wii U and 3DS, not just for Wii U.

Meh, I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I really don't know what to think on this anymore. It'll either be mind-blowing or totally expected.


Wait, given all the subtle (and in today's case not so subtle) hints to Majora's Mask over the past few months, could it be an HD remake of Majora's Mask? It would be a stretch, but the coincidence with today's SSB4 screenshot seems to lend itself to such a possibility.

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The only reason I posted that was because you said he didn't say anything about a World Premiere, when he did. I have no idea what he has said after that so I'll take your word for it. It's all been extremely vague anyway. It's just getting blown out of proportion just like every other "upcoming" Nintendo announcement. As always I'm just hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

WingedSnagret wrote:

Wait, given all the subtle (and in today's case not so subtle) hints to Majora's Mask over the past few months, could it be an HD remake of Majora's Mask? It would be a stretch, but the coincidence with today's SSB4 screenshot seems to lend itself to such a possibility.

I said something about this earlier today, but I'm starting to think that the Wii U Zelda title will be a sequel or some other kind of tie into Majora's Mask.


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So, what time will this be on? I probably won't be able to see it anyways, but according to my cable's info, Spike's lineup for tomorrow evening consists of a boatload of Cops episodes, followed by The Day After Tomorrow, and finally Kick-A## going into the late night.

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@RR529: 6 PM, I think. That's Eastern Standard Time in America in case you're wondering. What I want to know is when during the show Nintendo comes on.

At this point; I'll just be hoping for the best and expecting for the worst. This announcement really has been hyped up more than it should.

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FutureAlphaMale wrote:

Chinese checkers DLC for Wii-U Party

Lol that's good. Sad thing is I could see that as a possibility.

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Would love a Captain Toad stand alone game to be announced

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GuSilverFlame wrote:

UTXGamer wrote:

I don't know what will be shown for Wii U but I have the feeling we will see another E3 type meltdown after the announcement. Somehow people get themselves worked up into believing we will see Zelda, X, a new Metroid or a new IP or something big when there has been no evidence that it will be something like that.

surely, but you can at least bet the announcement won't be a "kiddie game" this time around(unless Nintendo wants to lose some money) that's why most people think it'll be Zelda, X, Metroid, Bayoneta, etc. it's 'cause they're the least kiddie things Nintendo can offer and be predicted(new IPs are unpredictable, to a certain extent, so they don't count)

so what's exactly "dudebro"? I always thought it was a term for gamers that ONLY play M rated games with violence and explosions everywhere(and thought the name came because most of those game's online servers are filled with people who use tons of "slang")

If Donkey Kong is "kiddie" then I don't agree with the first statement since my best is that the reveal will be new DKC: TF news, likely reveal of a 4th playable character(rumored to be Cranky Kong) with a new trailer showing him off in the game.

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Has it been announced yet?


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Well just some hours more. Can't wait to see the Cranky Kong gameplay I guess lol.


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Roll that beautiful CrAnky Kong footage!

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where can I watch presentation live?

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