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Topic: Post a picture of your gaming setup!

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@astroshamu I gave up on having a fish tank cause last one I had I busted side out while sweeping the floor. Sweeping up stuff in dustpan, brought broom handle back and hit the side of it. Water everywhere. Needless to say it was awful to clean up and my efforts to save the fish failed.

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I'm reposting, because I deleted the original image:

Here's mine: 39" 1080p Insignia 60Hz, Sony STR-DN1030 7.2 using Bic America fronts/Sony surrounds and subs/Klipsch rears, Wii U, 3DS XL, CenturyLink router, RCA 1080i digital antenna(works for TVii), memory foam futon, Wii Fit Board, cheap but useful and modifiable entertainment center, a few other gadgets laying around, and random stuff on top of the entertaiment center, including Mario Kart 8 E3 flag and a nice plant.
I figured I'd list the main things so you're not just looking and wondering exactly what everything is. I'm pretty happy with my setup.Untitled

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