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Wether it'll be like stadium, Collesuem, we all know that SOMEHOW there will be some kind of Pokemon game on Wii U.
Post your ideas for the new game here.

My ideas:
•Pokemon Universe, Adaptation of the anime, you can control the camera, and it will be REALLY different from the standard poke game, missions where you have to run, and jokes!
•Pokemon Stadium 3(Pokemon Stadium XY in Japan), the other 2 games featured pokemon in 3D, this one will show off Pokemon in HD!
•Pokemon XD sequel Seriously, just do it!



I would love Pokemon Stadium 3 with connectivity with X/Y. Those N64 games are what 15 years old now and nothing since has done it better.

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Who knows pokken fighters might actually be in development, If I had to guess I would think nintendo would either outsource or codevelop the game with bandai-namco's tekken team, because the tekken tag concept would actually fit pretty well in a pokemon fighing game instead of taging in you would just switch pokemon. That would also explain pokken in the name, pokemon+tekken.



I just want Pokemon Rumble U to get DLC to add X and Y content

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JakeOfAllTrades wrote:

A Pokemon Fighter game!

Super Smash Bros has Pokemon and that is a fighting game so I doubt they will make one specifically for Pokemon...




I'd be cool with a Pokemon Stadium 3 or a new game similar to what XD Gales of Darkness. I'm going in with an open mind though. We know its going to happen, that tease still gives me hype.

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I'm fairly certain nothing outside of spinoffs such as Pokken Fighters is coming to the Wii U, not even Stadium 3. But as far as what I'd WANT on Wii U, I'd say something more along the lines of a Colosseum/XD type game.


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