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I've been thinking about the possbility of a pokemon MMO coming out for the WII U, and I thought I could share my idea, and you can share your guys ideas too. My idea is that you choose what reigon you start in, and then you choose which one of the three starter pokemon you want to be. you can then unlock all of the other pokemon in this game by completing certain challanges and quests (for example, if you defeat 20 gligar, you unlock a gligar to play as). The battle system works by you still having 4 attacks, and like pokemon rumble, you can switch out to a different pokemon during battle. There are still parties and raids to do, but when you defeat the enemy or boss, everyone gets the same amount of money and experince, however if you swich pokemon during the raid, you evenly split the exp (for example if you use a hippopotas and a gliscor, and you recieve 500 exp, 250 goes to hippopotas and 250 goes to gliscor). you can visit the other regions and you can fight people from other reigons, but not people from your reigon. you can go to each reigon, and the bosses are the legendary pokemon, the gym leaders, the elite fours and the champions. you can buy TMs and replace moves, and like pokemon black and white, you still keep the TMs. the wild pokemon that you find when battling alone will be your level, and when battling in a raid, will be the level of the highest level pokemon fighting. each pokemon keeps the same level system, but now caps at a higher level than just 100. this is kind of really just a mix of world of warcraft and pokemon rumble, but I think the idea could work.

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I would prefer guild wars over pokemon

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I have an idea for a Pokemon MMORPG for Wii U with more realistic graphics. It would basically be a MMORPG Pokemon stadium but with HUGE open world maps, badges/achievements, rare pokemon sightings with a slim chance to catch them, weather changes, a camera for photographing pokemon. I would call this game Pokemon World. Right now I'm working on some concept art of what the pokemon selection screen would look like, I'll upload it when I'm done.


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It would be much better on 3DS, Pokemon just plays so much better on a handheld due to the portability of it.

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steveex wrote:

It would be much better on 3DS, Pokemon just plays so much better on a handheld due to the portability of it.

agreed pokemon seems better as a handheld game no matter what kind it is

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We need a pokèmon Wii game. But not this one. What we need is one where you visit every region.

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Hmm... personally, I would be very surprised if Nintendo chose to make a Pokemon MMO. Especially with such drastic changes, they seem hesitant to mess with Pokemon's formula. (And with good reason, it still sells great so why change it?)

However, especially after the announcement of Black and White 2 (must they really milk that cow again so soon?), I honestly wouldn't mind some drastic changes... however, not as a blend with WoW. I believe an MMO could work great, and they can still make big changes. I would LOVE real time battles, and Rumble didn't satisfy me there - no leveling up/evolving, only two moves per Pokemon, etc... it was cool at first but became old fast. Real time battles with actual Pokemon instead of toys could be much more interesting. An MMO would be a great excuse to do this, but I still want to be able to explore the world, challenge gym leaders, and catch Pokemon. The current size of Pokemon game regions would make this all seem crowded, so either it needs multiple regions or one region that is much larger than past regions. The best part perhaps would be the Wii U's HD capabilities - imagine some realism in the series! Plus they could have regular tournaments, with trainers battling to be champion of their (real world) regions.

I think Nintendo could pull this off easily... but would they? I have my doubts, they seem to like Pokemon the way it is. It could be a great way to adapt the series to consoles, with the handheld titles remaining similar to their current format... but they already are making a lot of money without innovating the series. Pokemon seems to be one of the few series they are afraid to alter; they'll create spin-offs but the main titles have such little changes between generations...

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I've been hoping for this game since like 2002. I don't even like MMOs anymore and I'd still get this.

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Pokemon MMO... Sounds like a great idea. But only if its a RPG.


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I'd love it. I'd want to play as a trainer though, not directly as a Pokemon.


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i saw pokemon gold and this came to mind

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Jstar269 wrote:

Pokemon MMO... Sounds like a great idea. But only if its a RPG. opposed to what? An MMOFPS?

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I think a MMOBBQ pokemon game would work I always wanted to cook pokemon and competing in cook off challenges would make it even better, catch em; humanely kill em then cook em all.



ShadJV wrote:

they seem hesitant to mess with Pokemon's formula.

Since when? Pokemon rumble, Pokemon snap, Pokemon mystery dungeon, Pokemon ranger, etc.
All those are different Pokemon games that had a completely different formula from your standard one.

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They're hesitant to change the main games...but...well ok this would be the main game in terms of popularity because I think it would be huge news and if it lives up to expectations for quality would somehow make Nintendo even richer, if possible.

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As a Pokemon fan I don't know how plausible this is. I mean, there is a reason Pokemon comes in versions, there isn't supposed to be an expectation of super drastic changes. I would buy something like this, it would probably make so much money it would defy the laws of physics. I could also see something like this becoming a very huge phenomenon. However, Nintendo likes to experiment with Pokemon through spin offs, which is fine for me. Game Freak mainly makes Pokemon games. What's the point? Nintendo is very wary of changing the formula, especially when there is a constant influx of new fans.

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I'd much rather a proper Pokemon style Pokemon game if they were to do one with full 3D visuals and such. Give me a Pokemon games with the models from the B/W Pokedex on the 3DS!

............ but give me it on the 3DS so I can do some cool things with the streetpass/spotpass functionality

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