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Just trying to spread the word about , It looks like the best thing since minecraft + lego mindstorms, if that had ever happened, it's got a HUGE goal of 300,000 but it can make it with the help of YOU! Yes, YOU! Pledge just $20 and you get a Wii U copy no 'stretch goals' or 'it's a possibility' IT'S COMIN' TO Wii U! I am pledging my $20, but no-one will get what they wan't if a whole bunch of people don't do the same, whad'ya say?

Up for some multi player? call 0762 NNID PvtOttobot ;) Monster Hunter: Bowmaster for the win!! -//- Zelda: Twilight Princess but HD and WAY better please -//- Ghost Recon Phantoms: Two year vet... still not on Wii U. -//- Life: Skateboarding, Working out, Bass and above all, God.

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Really? I tweeted about.



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