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It was announced at E3 for the WiiU and 3DS to be compatible with each other when playing the new Smash Bros. I have a few Playables I would like to see Return in this game as well as some I would like to see be removed.
Paper Mario
A. Just a normal Punch.
A-A-A. Punch, kick, and a slap for Lady Bow, Vivian, or Ms. Mowz.
A-Side(Left, Right). Mario would extend his hammer out, Much like Dedede.
A-Up. Mario would Perform the Superguard animation, damaging anything in his upper reach.
A-Down. Mario will do a low kick.
A-Smash(Left, Right). Mario Swings with his hammer from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, holding it will make it more Powerful.
A-Smash(Up). In The Thousand Year door, Performing an Early Spring Jump outside of Battle will result in a very small Jump, Charging Mario makes him go lower, increasing his attack power.
A-Smash(Down). When you obtain the Ultra Hammer in the Thousand year Door, you can do a full 360 Hammer spin. Mario will charge down A and he will unless a Spin.
B. Koops / Kooper / Bombette / Bobbery. You can Kick Koops and Kooper and switch to Bobbery or Bombette to let them walk straight until they explode.
B-Down. Mario will change between Partners in this order: Kooper, Bombette, Koops, Bobbery. This will allow you to Shell - Explosion switch while still letting all of Mario's Partners have an appearence.
B-Side. Lakilester will throw a spiny, it will go farther depending on how long you hold it.
B-Up. Parrakarry will lift you up, his wings do damage to those above him.
Grab. Your Yoshi from the Thousand year door will extend his tongue for the grabbing animation.
Side throw. Flurrie will blow you away once Yoshi spits you out.
Down throw. The victim will be body splammed by Sushi.
Up throw. Watt will shock the Victim.
All Midair attacks. In TTYD, you could perform stylish commands. Mario will do a different one depending on the direction.
Final Smash. Paper Mario Lifts the Crystal Star into the middle of the Ring and unleashes Supernova. Lines come across the screen, ayone caught in one will be Paralyzed. When the final Line is drawn, all those imprisoned are sent spiraling off.
Cool Abilities.
Goombella / Goombario could tattle the opponents you play if you play on the stage "Battle Stage." They could tell you their hints and weaknesses.

Could act somewhat like Olimar, but have diffrent attacks and abilities.

Little Mac. Not quite sure how this would happen but it would be cool to see him here.
Final Smash. Little Mac's Famous Uppercut. 1 Hit KO.

Young Link.
Same Moveset in Melee, make adjustments if needed.
Final Smash. All charectors freeze, the screen zooms in on link as he takes out a mask. He Puts it on and becomes Fierce Diety Link! His attack is greatly increased. He will stay in this form for about 15 - 20 seconds then return to normal form.

Same Moveset as Melee, Make adjustments if needed.
Final Smash. I am not a Pokemon master so I do not know this moves name: In the first Movie, he battled with Mew and encased himself in a Ball of energy. MewTwo would be much like Pikachu's Volt Tackle, but be much slower and MUCH faster.

People I would not want to return.
Sonic the Hedgehog. He does not belong in Smash Bros. His final Smash was incredibly more efficent then the rest and he could keep B-Targeting over and over.
Pit. Although I like the idea of Pit, He was possibly the Spammiest Playable.
Toon Link. If they do include Young Link again, I'm sorry but they will have to say adios to TL.
Lucario. Another "If they replace". MewTwo should have this spot.

Leave who you would want / not want in the Next SSB.

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Do want Sonic, Tails, Big the Cat, Solid Snake, Master Chief, Kratos and Pee Wee Herman for me.

Don't want Mario, Bowser and any Earthbound characters.

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5 Professor Layton Phoenix Wright can be in a fighting game, so can Professor Layton, with his jousting skills, and puzzle solving he can win.
4 Paper Mario: Unlike Dr. Mario (How did he end up in the game in the first place?) Paper Mario would have an origional set of moves like stamping stickers, using his trusty hammer, and using pixels like Boomer, and Fleep at his service
3 Balloon Fighter Sakurai actually wanted Balloon fighter in Smash Bros, since the N64, however, not much is known about Balloon Fighter, but he did make do with the Ice Climbers, so why not him?
2 Little Mac Champion Boxer little Mac is practically perfect for the game, he can be like Balrog, never kicks only punches. With his Jabs, and Star Punches I would love to see him promoted from Assist Trophy to fighter.
1 Mii The world knows what Miis are, Miis are everywhere on the Nintendo consoles, so why not Smash Bros? They can box, sword fight, and know karate, so they are a shoe-in for the next Smash Bros.

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Forget Little Mac, everyone wants Doc Louis

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I would like to see some more costumes,wario in brawl had a second costume,the ones I would like to see is:
bowser-dry bowser,dark bowser(final boss from bowsers inside story)
mario-beach mario(mario from sunshine when he wears glasses and a t shirt)
wario-his normal costume and wario ware
peach-racing suit
samus-different suits
meta knight-galatic knight
king dedede-masked dedede
and a few more here and there.

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one word HADES

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Knuckles wrote:

I second the Chicken!

I never trust those chickens

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Travis Touchdown

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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These are my top 5 picks.
Either Louie or one of the new captains with the new Pikmin species so he isn't too clone-like to Olimar
Palutena and/or Viridi playable or Assist trophy.
Roy (I REALLY want him back!)
King K. Rool

I would also put Dark Pit on the list, but more then likely as NintyFan has already said, he'll just be one of Pit's alternate costumes. Although it would be cool if his voice changed upon doing so. Or it would be ironic if he was playable, since his "origins" started out as Pit's black outfit in Brawl, and then the next time around he came into his own. Just an interesting thought.


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Wozny wrote:

MewTwo would be much like Pikachu's Volt Tackle, but be much slower and MUCH faster.




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I want Krystal from Starfox Adventures. She would get her moves from Fox's moves in Starfox Adventures, since he was using her staff, anyway. Then we could have another starfox character who isn't a clone character.


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How about that guy from that japan only ninja game on nes. It was by nintendo but I cant remember what it was called.



You guys do know that nothing from no more heroes or no more heroes two will be in there right? I think snake was where they drew the line. Travis would be fun as all heck though.

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Happy_Mask wrote:

You guys do know that nothing from no more heroes or no more heroes two will be in there right? I think snake was where they drew the line. Travis would be fun as all heck though.

Oh, and you know for a fact that Travis Touchdown won't be in the game?


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Yeh thats the one I thought he would be cool.



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