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Hi All,
New to this forum so please forgive me if this has been asked already.
When I bought my PLASMA HD tv last year I found my WII games lagged when playing to the extent that even after updating to the special cable my wii fit response went downhill fast and not in a good way, I kept getting miss whereas before I nearly got perfect on the first few rounds at least. If I upgrade to the WII U will it respond properly or will it still have a lagged effect? I know the WII U is HD but just want to check before shelling out £300
Thanks for any help



Lag depends on your TV and the settings. See if your TV has a "game mode."

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Ryno_Choryzo wrote:

Lag depends on your TV and the settings. See if your TV has a "game mode."

Overall plasma screen aren't very good for gaming. Don't know if they've fixed it already, but I remember a few years back that plasmas had problems like the HUD burnt on screen.

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Thanks for the help
Yes my tv does have a game mode so hopefully will upgrade to wii u in new year



Never had an issue with my (now) five year-old Philips 42" plasma which lacks a game mode.

Good luck!

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Wii U for sure runs your Wii games better using the HDMI to your plasma, instead of component from your Wii. Games I used to play that had lag, no longer have lag on bigger displays. Still, you might be able to fix the lag with setyings on your display like they said.


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Thanks guys for all the helpful advice
My plasma screen is a 50" so I can't wait for the new year to see the amazing games on a new wii u and to hopefully get some use out of my old favourites



You usually only need gamemode for tv's that have some sort of scaling or image prossesing features that introduce lag.



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