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I know a certain person had a go at me for posting VGChartz stats because they are somehow invalid for whatever reason. However there are some reasonably good stats around Pikmin 3 even before the US release data is out. It's no revolution and these numbers still aren't great but....
It's pretty easy to see when Pikmin 3 launched. I would guess there'll be a second jump with the US release sales data

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I'm still on the Wii U purchase fence. would have bought a WiiU for sure if they would have traded out Nintendo Land for Pikmin 3. Today's ND did nothing to push me either way.

As for sales, Wii U sales will double for a week, but then probably go back down. Windwaker HD bundle over the holidays for $299 would sell a bunch though.

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Well I have a Gamestop, A Wal Mart and a Target in my humble little town... and frankly there is no Pikmen to be found.. and that is unusual.. seeing as to ow the last time there was no copies of a Wii U game to be found.. was Mario Bros U.. at launch and shortly after.. also I think a lot of people question VG Chartz numbers because they have a history of overtracking and undertracking certain games and systems.. so there is that.. however that does not mean they are completely wrong.. the only reason I question them.. is because for instance NPD.. they go by these numbers.. but NPD does not do Wal Mart or Toys R Us.. nor Sam's Club.. and some others that are known to move Nintendo products more and better a lot of times.. they just give you guess ta ments based off other retailers.. never actual numbers..

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The graph will still look the same with or without the actual numbers. The numbers tell the actual ammount, but you can still see how the graph changes with the numbers you do have.

All you have to do is find a relatively accurate number for the ones you're missing in comparison, if you can. Digital sales don't even count towards moved copies, but anything prior to the digital jump should be fairly accurate, give or take some.


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I too was very happy to find out that my local gamestop, on the morning of it's release, had only 2 copies unspoken for out of the 30-40 copies they had on the shelf. All of the other copies were pre-ordered by customers. I can't wait to see this week's NA numbers. I'm hoping for at least 100 to 150 thousand for the game and 30-45 thousand for Wii U consoles! Fingers crossed!



When i picked up my copy 5 aug, i bought the second to last copy at my local gamestop. I think Pikmin 3 will create a slight uptick in wii u sales. But it will give the Wii U a title that is desperately needed for the library! It will get some people on the fence to at least give the Wii U a second look.




Anybody looking for Pikmin 3, my Target had plenty. They do have 1 less Wii U now though. Too bad I spent all my money on the Wii U and have none left for the game. The $50 GC is earmarked for toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and Kleenex. No, we didn't kill someone and stuff the body in our trunk.

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I may get this game now because of that new DLC I just saw in today's Direct!

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