Topic: Pikmin 3: Miyamoto feels it should have launched alongside Wii U

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Batman Arkham City should have been bundle with the Wii U, since its already cheaper to buy on other consoles.
Its the only game I heard that plays well on the Wii U.

I... uh...wha...the... ...?
Ya gots ta be kiddin' me, kid!
Do you own a Wii U? Your statement, "... I heard that plays well" implies that you do not. You do realize, then, how silly you seem to learned people like moi who read a poster's comment while also picking up on the general logos and ethos of said person.

So, aside from not owning the console you are mildly criticizing, or perhaps just not owning many games for it, have you played many? I've played Batman, Ninja Gaiden, Trine 2 and Darksiders as third-party multi-console games, and all were fantastic and ran as smooth as a baby's behind. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by entering a public forum with no real, first-hand knowledge of the topic at hand?



I wish Nintendo would release some games for the Wii U if for no other reason than something new to talk about in the Wii U forum here.

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Yeah, wouldn't have made any difference. Pikmin 3 is a complete non-event.



SCAR392 wrote:

AbeVigoda wrote:

thelastlemming wrote:

SCAR392 wrote:

I bought my Wii U knowing a Smash Bros., Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Pikmin, etc. other possible games and apps would for sure be happening on Wii u.
If you're even thinking about getting one or waiting for the games we know are coming out, you probably should just go get one. Why would you wait to get one in a later point in time, when you're going to get one regardless? You might as well have it now if you're gonna get one at all.

Yea. Since that strategy is really causing gamers to flock to the Wii U.

Why the hell would a consumer buy something that they currently have no use for? That's like buying a 4K TV today, even though there isn't any content available for it.

Uhh... 4K TVs upconvert 1080p to 4K right out of the box.

Can you tell me what television stations in North America are currently broadcasting in 4K? I will check this thread again in 3-5 years when you can provide me with an answer.

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shrew wrote:

SCAR392 wrote:

Well, first of all, let me start out by saying different games have different artstyles and such.
Anyways, COD BO2 runs really well on Wii U. You can use the Gamepad for split screen, any pair of headphones with a mic for voice chat, touch controls, you can use the Wii remote and nunchuk to play games like COD or Sonic with motion controls.
Batman is better on Wii U.
There are games on Wii U besides the built in feautures that show it's a worthy purchase.

you're definition of 'perform' is quite amusing, if anything.

I'm beginning to think that SCAR392 is a master of subtle trolling. Most things he says leaves me scratching my head, but he says them in such a sincere fashion it blows my mind hahaha.....

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"You don't need a link to a website as proof all the time. It's called research. If no one ever did research, you wouldn't even have l...


I can tell you right now that all your 1080p(maybe i) content will be upconverted to 4K if you get one day one. It just won't be native. 4K will also have 3D which was looked at as a useless thing to pay for, but is now going to be included in the newest 4K TVs as a standard.
Some 3D TVs can even convert 2D into 3D by depth perception of the camera and double imaging.

Your guys' main argument of Wii U's lack of appeal is no true defining games, which is a good point, but all the companies tap into each others market in one way or another.
I guess it just depends how patient you are, because I'm pretty sure we've all known that the games we've known will be available at some point of the Wii U's life cycle are going to happen, delayed or not. There's always more than what comes out day one and in the launch window BTW.
Not to mention this is just the first year, with no other consoles on the market to have more than just Wii U to develop for.
It is a company's goal to make sure their customers don't need to buy another device not from them to get features the other one offers whether it be the same features, or a similar one, by offering the said features themselves.
I wouldn't be surprised if Xbox has a form of Gaikai in the hardware, it just won't be called Gaikai, that's all.


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I want to leave a side note that video games don't grow out of trees, nor can they be developed in a few months without being plagued with bugs. It's not like Nintendo had already finished the games and is waiting to release them.

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