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Yeah I gotcha, I'd rather hear an opinion from someone who has first hand knowledge of the system. But at the same time, I would consider a fanboy's opinion just as valuable as someone who hates the system without playing it if they aren't going to be honest about it's shortcomings.



Actually a fanboy can still say negative things about there fan system, I'm an apple fan, Nintendo fan, and I can actually see faults in both, but there are fans who refuse to say a fault with a system. (apparently my iPad going bad must mean its invisable, or 3rd party... ?)

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Hmm.....where to begin my opinions on this 1......As an own of each fo the big 3's consoles, handhelds included, (not without any regrets here and there I might add) I honestly feel that the problem for me for Nintendo to be more like Sony and Microsoft simply lies within the hardware itself.. Always just feels a bit like they're cutting corners for specific features/functions that everybody has such high expectations for; Just look at the console prices compared to Sony or Microsoft. Another thing they complain about is how some of the games come off as "kiddy"...This might even stem from the Mii factor, which btw rather gets the same treatment here and there on XBox 360. Can't say the same about PlatStation 3, though, because PS Home and their avatars are different. Aside from that, I'm definitely willing to admit each have their flaws that let me down here and there; I expected to be able to make good, decent use of Kinect, but the games for it are gimmicky. Same problem I have finding what I wanna try using PS Move and Nav controllers.

Overall what it comes down to for me is, i expect the console I buy as well as the games to perform in all aspects (experience, gameplay, design, plot if any, replay value) as flawless as they can possibly be. I'm not saying that i expect them to be completely 100% flawless and that's it because there's always going to be trial and error. However, when yo reach that point where something isn't being offered at its fullest/expected potential that you just feel/know in your gut it can is where the disappointment starts piling up. But more about what I expect, I'm also all for/about immersive gameplay styles/experiences, and if it just isn't on par with the competition then again, somewhere my gut is telling me there's missing potential that simply isn't being tapped into whatever the reason may be.

Finally, as to my respects....This 1's a little difficult considering I grew up with Nintendo dead smack in the 80s, wouldn't take any interest in Sega. (Although I have to admit I'm a bit of a Sonic the Hedgehog fan since the original game and Saturday morning cartoon series (with the freedom fighters, Ivo robotnik, the darker story) I think what is all boils down to is while there's still a place in my heart for the series' I grew up playing, at the same time a lot of the spin-offs were making me feel like I was outgrowing them, some area telling me I had to move onto the next generation anyway (which is about when I expanded onto PlayStation, 2 and XBox) and thus I had eventually gained interest in games more suited to my age rating. (ESRB ratings) Some of the spin-offs started doing so in the N64 days, and even more so in the GameCube days, which is roughly when my library for them was starting to narrow down to only Nintendo series' that I honestly felt stayed true to its core and never really strayed too far from what made them go great back in the good ol days.

That said, I don't really feel I disrespect them in any way.... It's just more or less a matter of accepting and evaluating the quality of what we've actually been offered and reflecting upon that. In all honesty, Nintendo got their start back when the technology we know to this day was still in its infantry, when it hardly any meaning/impact in the gaming industry. I mean, had it been otherwise and they were to come at us maybe in the start of the 90s or the new millennium, can we honestly expect they'd have the same attitude/reputation or success? Granted OK, back in those days Sony was all about enrtertainment media and Microsoft about software....

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