Topic: People and misunderstanding Wii U, Whats the best example you have?

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off topic but Watt covering Mario's face is a genuinely clever avatar

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

off topic but Watt covering Mario's face is a genuinely clever avatar

(On the topic of humor and the appreciating of it)
Thanks! Paper Mario fans are the best kind of fans IMO.

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Cheaptrick wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

Cheaptrick wrote:

Punching an investor is not the answer.

it is worrisome that I'm not completely certain you're joking

Joke or not, it did happened..

LOL, oh my god this post made my day.

Cheaptrick, you are awesome. And now I completely understand where you are coming from. Please carry on!

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the only 'reality' here is that everyone needs to calm down. go play some games on the console of your choice and stop filling my inbox with reports about doomsday/what-if/'Nintendo has to do (insert thing here) or they'll die!!!!1!!eleventyone' arguing that does not matter in the long run whatsoever.

btw, @cheaptrick: the bit about the investor selling all their Nintendo stock and investing in Zynga should've been your clue that the 'Iwata punches investor' story was faker than a $3 bill.

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