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usually i dont bother with petitions but this is one id really like to see happen.


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Pointless petition/thread.
They already know everyone wants this. The problem is, is that it's not as simple as just updating the firmware and calling it a day.
There's more to it, than just do it.


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I'm pretty sure there's more to it than just a simple firmware update. I would think there would be something in the hardware, either on the disc/cartridge or the console that won't let it run games from Japan or America on a PAL Wii U/3DS.

And as SCAR has already mentioned, Nintendo already knows about the massive support for region free games.

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I second what SCAR and Chris have said. Most people seem to think there's an on/off switch, but there are technical as well as commercial barriers to removing region locking. I'm all for the removal of region locking, but people are being too simplistic about the issue. I don't know the specifics, I just know that there ARE specifics. That already makes a huge difference.

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We just have to wait until we can do it ourselves like the wii.



When it comes to NA and Japan, it is a simple as upgrading firmware and it could be that simple for most regions. Think about your PC where you can choose which region you are in when setting up a device like a bluray player.

I signed this petition and would love it! I know many native Japanese speakers who would also love the ability to play games in their native language and I'd like to play those games as an enjoyable means to learn more Japanese. I also believe they'd sell more games if they did this, because in some instances people would buy multiple versions of the games, like Just Dance for example. It would also take away one more reason or excuse which people use for them pirating games.

I hope this happens!




Nintendroid5000 wrote:

We just have to wait until we can do it ourselves like the wii.


Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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Please feel free to advertise whatever petition(s) you like via your user signature. Thank you! :3

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