Topic: Parental controls broken in Wii mode?

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Right, so I used to have an age limit set for my daughter of blocking 16+ Games, however since that doesn't seem to matter in eShop and since my sole 16-rated game is Samurai Warriors 3 and I don't agree with that rating I decided to eliminate any age restriction at all.

Despite having only two users, neither of which has a game rating limit, I still get prompted for a PIN when I play this game (note this is Wii mode I'm talking about). I don't understand what the problem is here, but it's ticking me off. I cannot delete the parental settings now because my daughter has a registered Nintendo Network ID and it won't let you delete the PIN as long as that's the case.

Of course I've also noted that I locked her eShop access, so really the EU watershed for 18-rated content is even more nonsensical since you can block access to the shop easily to minors as another fix.

Before I write a ranting email to Nintendo support to sort this arse-up I figured I'd see if anyone else is experiencing this issue or has a possible solution.

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