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What are your favorites? Now that we've seen all of them, this is all I've been thinking.

5. Thwomp Ruins
4. Electrodrome
3. Shy Guy Falls
2. Wario Mountain
1. Sunshine Airport

5. Toad's Turnpike
4. Royal Raceway
3. Rainbow Road
2. Yoshi Valley
1. Tick Tock Clock

Kind of spontaneous really, and a lot of MK64 tracks for the retro ones. But what really matters is that this comes out on less than a month! What tracks are you guys looking forward to?

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5. Thwomp Ruins
4. Shy Guy Falls
3. Dolphin Shoals
2. Bowser's Castle
1. Mount Wario

5. GCN Sherbet Land
4. 3DS DK Jungle
3. 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeline
2. N64 Rainbow Road
1. N64 Yoshi Valley

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Twisted mansion
Bowser's castle

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