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I feel that $249.99'for the basic and $299.99 for the deluxe Wii U is more appropriate. I think the consoles are $50 overpriced.
However, I'll just have to take it like a man



why you put $350 if it clearly says $299.99?

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Did you come to this conclusion after evaluating the cost associated with R&D, packaging, manufacturing and marketing along with things like supply and demand?

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It sounds like a fair price to me but $300 is also about the max I would pay for a console. I guess that means I won't be buying Sony's next console at launch. I just bought the 320 gig PS3 model for $300, much more reasonable than the original $500/$600 asking price. Hopefully the PS4 won't be as expensive but I can see it easily being twice the WiiU's price. All that being said, I will be getting the deluxe version, mostly because I think Nintendo Land looks like a lot of fun (and costs at least $50 on its own).



I think Nintendo overpriced things a bit.



Please feel free to discuss the price of the Wii U in this ongoing thread. Thank you! :3

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