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Bayonetta is an Action game developed by Platinum Games in collaboration with SEGA released in 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game received massive critical acclaim, and sold around 1.35 million units worldwide. A sequel was rumoured to be in development but for reasons unknown it was said to be cancelled. In 2012, before Nintendo launched the Wii U, Nintendo announced it had acquired the rights to publish the game, that was back in development, being made, again, by Platinum Games exclusively for the Wii U platform.

On 22 Nov July, Hideki Kamiya, the director of Bayonetta tweeted this:

Which lead to this:

To show Nintendo there is a demand for the game on the Wii U.

Though the original Bayonetta has a strong and vocal following, there are still many people who still haven't played it. It is very probable that the game flew completely under the radar of some Nintendo fans. A port of the game for the Wii U would introduce the franchise to Nintendo's most loyal fan base and create hype for the sequel. Also, the game had a lot of problems on the PS3. A port now could be a chance for those who already played it to experience it again without frame rate problems and with the crispier, more colourful visuals of the Xbox 360 version. Or hopefully, even better: Bayonetta 2 already shows a significant improvement over the original in regards to the visuals. Platinum Games would probably be able to not only make it run better, but also improve it overall.

Simple! Use Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly, Miiverse to reach to Nintendo. It is very easy and won't take too much of your precious gaming time!

Ready templates for Twitter:

@Nintendo @NintendoEurope @NintendoAmerica We want the original Bayonetta on the Wii U! Have @platinumgames porting it, pls!! #BayonettaWiiU

@NintendoAmerica #Regginator do you think Nintendo will listen to fans who want a port of Bayo1 to Wii U before Bayonetta 2? #BayonettaWiiU

@SEGA We want Bayonetta 1 on the Wii U! Join forces with @Nintendo and @platinumgames to make it happen! #BayonettaWiiU

Get those #hashtags working!

Posts on Miiverse you could YEAH:

You can also head to the The Wonderful 101 community to write your own post and YEAH all the posts that are already there:

Nintendo Facebook Pages:

Thanks in advance for all of you helping, and let us do this!


OK, this was basically borrowed from the NeoGAF thread, but the idea it's to spread the word everywhere!

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We need the more superior WiiU Bayonetta 2 exclusive before they think of porting the crappy PS360 first game

Heee YAH!



Nah, I'm good.



I'd love to see it. I never finished the first, but I'd definitely pick it up again on the Wii U because I want to beat it before buying the second. I'll at least add my voice in Miiverse, which you have to figure is the best way to get something like this done, since it is active Wii U owners showing proof they at least have the system and are showing an interest.

It doesn't make much sense not porting the originals if you're releasing a sequel, like Mass Effect 3.


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Calling it now; Bayonetta 2 will be delayed until early 2015 and we'll get a Bayonetta 1 port. I've been saying this for months. It has always seemed like the logical thing to do. Releasing Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive to a company who never had the original seems odd and WOULD hinder sales from people who haven't played the original.



Meh, I have it for 360 and have beaten it on every difficulty multiple times, so I'm good.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a WiiU port — I suppose it would be cool for people who never played the original, but considering that the original didn't sell all that well, I am highly doubtful they'll bother with porting it over.

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im actually a little interested in Bayonetta 2.. and i've never played the first game
so i'd be glad if they decided to bring Bayonetta 1 over to the wii u



Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Bringing a game that not many played to a console that not many people own to get more people to play it isn't the best way to get more people to play it.

Bringing a sequel to a game that not many people played to a console that not many people own is even worse. Porting a game is much easier then creating another one, im almost surprised it wasnt planned originally to port over the first then follow with the 2nd a year later. I only got to play a little of the game, and it was fun and i enjoyed it although it could of used a bit a color (which they seem to have on bayonetta 2).

Anyway im all for this, found this nifty little banner someone posted.

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I suggest that we take over the W101 Miiverse page with requests for Bayonetta.....
...While we're at it, we should ask for HD-makes of Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy (with online multi in both). Nintendo will do it if we ignore everything they post and just ask for what we want.

I don't see why people immediately assume that the original didn't sell well. It sold over a million copies which is pretty good for a first in the series of any game. Bringing the original to the Wii U wouldn't cost loads and would soften the blow of the inevitable delay(s) that B2 is going to endure. Might not be profitable as a retail release but I would much prefer to get it on disc.

I only posted this to get my avatar as the forum's thumbnail.


If the Wii U install base remains small, Nintendo will can this project themselves so let's continue to buy lots of games and tell people how good Wii U is...

I only posted this to get my avatar as the forum's thumbnail.


Nah, i rather have some new games for the Wii U then more old p360-ports. Make a operation for that, if anything.



Please feel free to advertise any petition(s) or operation(s) you please via your user signature and profile information. Best of luck to you!

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