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Well it would be able to be customized like most other notification systems are. Take Facebook I have everything turned off expect when someone posts or comments on my post on a group i'm in. Other than those throughout the day I get no notifications at all.

IGN had a hands-on with the OS and it sounds pretty nice with some things I would like to see on Wii U.

The PS4 UI takes a more social approach to the PS3’s XMB, beginning with the login screen. At first boot-up, players are presented with a view of all of the available player accounts, which are represented by a large, high-resolution image — whether it be a picture of the player or an icon. If you’re the sole user, you can configure the system to boot directly to the main interface, of course, but they’re giving multi-user systems a better gateway. For those that purchase the PlayStation Camera, the system also supports facial recognition. Players will go through a one-time calibration wherein the system snaps multiple views of your face for streamlined identification. In order to eliminate false or unintended logins, the system also requires players to raise the DualShock 4 into view as an added security layer. The PS4 also introduces guest accounts, which allow friends to create a temporary user account on the system that erases itself after they sign out.

peed is the most noticeable improvement with the PS4 OS. Whether you’re checking out a video, loading the browser, or opening up a party chat, the system loads each function almost instantaneously. Games, on the other hand, are expectedly slower to load given the large file sizes. The home button on the DualShock 4 not only provides a shortcut back to the dashboard, but can also be used for multitasking, moving swiftly between your two most recent apps. Whether you’re playing a game and want to refer to a guide on IGN from the integrated browser, just double tap the home button and it will bring you back and forth between the app and your game.

As for the PSN Store, Sony has once again adopted a rather image-heavy design. On day one, every game and every piece of content you can buy in-store can be purchased digitally through the PSN. You can buy and download full games or you can redeem Sony’s promotional pricing for current- to next-gen title upgrades. If you bought Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag on PS3 and it came with the next-gen upgrade voucher, you can enter the code and get the reduced $9.99 pricing. More importantly, for select titles, you can choose to prioritize the download of certain modes or content so you can start playing faster. In our demo, Sony used Call of Duty: Ghosts as an example, which enables players to download the multiplayer suite first and the singleplayer campaign later.

Most importantly, messaging and chat is cross-platform, allowing players to communicate across PS4, PS Vita, and any smartphone or tablet compatible with the PlayStation app

Finally, players can configure the system to download pertinent updates while in standby mode and be powered on remotely, which allows players to make purchases on the PSN via a browser or the PlayStation app from anywhere in the world and remotely turn their home system on and begin preloading a game.


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Hey what do you know...some early reviews have come out about the sports titles on next gen and they all mention about how the games look better. - Dayman
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RancidVomit86 wrote:

Hey what do you know...some early reviews have come out about the sports titles on next gen and they all mention about how the games look better.

I saw FIFA 14 at GameStop on a PS4. The only difference I noticed was that it was being displayed in 1080p, vs. 720p(or whatever they usually display as).

I'm not really into sports games, but FIFA looked worse than alot of other games I've seen. Tekken Tag 2, CoD, Dead Space, or basically anything looks better than EA Sports games, texture wise, IMO.


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sony_70 wrote:

peed is the most noticeable improvement with the PS4 OS.

Must be referring to iPeed here...

ok I'm immature ._.

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I see a massive difference between current gen Vs next gen, as this is a true comparison not even CGI can save Killzone2.

Its taken almost 8 years for current gen to get to this point 0 years for the next gen, you can also see the difference between the current gen and next gen version. Its not a massive difference but i wouldn't expect it to be considering its a cross gen port. There is also something this video doesn't show the drop-in quality going from the single player campaign to multiplayer, where as the next gen versions campaign and multiplayer visuals are practically identical.

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RancidVomit86 wrote:

Hey what do you know...some early reviews have come out about the sports titles on next gen and they all mention about how the games look better.

NBA 2K14 is the most realistic looking sports video game I have ever seen. The lighting, shadows and extra textures make it look like you are watching a real game on TV.



The real console war begins tomorrow. :/ :/


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@kereke12 time to avoid any comments section in game sites with focus on more than one company, that's where the war starts and those nerds that like trash talking the others more than praising what they like scare me

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Could some one do a true comparison video between Wii U ps4 and xbox one. No tweaks to make one better than the other.
Another thing I have noticed this applies only to fan boys I really do not care for this but love to see a comparison video.
A lot fan boys and I do not how this happened said the Wii is 6 gen but it really 7 gen they do not want to accept that an underpowered console won the last generation and apparently a lot them bought it and became disappointing after awhile so when they bought HDTV consoles they placed in 6 gen instead of 7. This why Wii U is 7 gen to some.

i point out something most people don't noticed that if the Wii U is on comparsion from the xbox360 and ps3 as a starting point tells you have the Wii U have some power.

This has been on my mind awhile and no I am not fanboy but just wanted to point out a few things.



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