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I dont know how many loved Okami and Okamiden for DS but I think if Okami HD came to WiiU that would be amazing drawing on the Tablet controller.I was really disappointed with the Wiimote for Okami on Wii it didnt really work at all for me.Capcom should be focusing on the WiiU who else agrees?



No. Okami has had enough re-releases.


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I think that the recent PS3 version should come to the Wii U with the tablet controls for drawing. It will work well, can't be that hard to program, will introduce more people to this great series and make Capcom money. Why not?

But if it was a decision between a HD re-release or a new Okami game for the Wii U, new game any day.

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They've b*st*rdised the game enough with its current number of re-releases.



I wouldn't mind a re-release,since I haven't played it.

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Knowing Capcom, I wouldn't be surprised if Okami gets re-released on the Wii U sooner or later.


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As long as they don't steal the cover art from IGN (even if it's a downloadable game) then go for it.

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Okami on Wii U? But I still need to beat Okami on my Wii..

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Never played it but have heard great things. I like the style of it. I would probably at least give it a thought on the Wii U.

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To be honest, I can't think of a better system for it. I first played it on the Wii and loved it, but trying to use the brush was such a pain it's hard for me to work up the motivation to play through it again. Plus it will be beautiful in HD (I don't have a PS3 so I miss out on that).

Of course, perhaps a new game in the series would be better. It's been rehashed almost as much as Cave Story, and that isn't a compliment.

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Okami only got 1 rerelease from PS2 to Wii and with Okami HD coming out it should have it for WiiU since WiiU will be the greatest console ever made lol atleast to me.



Yeah, there are really not that many releases, ports and remakes in the Okami series.

I don't get why almost everyone is saying its over-saturated.

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Yeah, upon reflection I realized you are correct, it has only been rereleased once (with an HD one on the way). I think the reason it's perceived to be over-saturated is that they will now have rereleased it twice without a console sequel. Sure, we have Okamiden on the handheld, but I think the main issue that it faced is that it they have remade the original more than focusing on sequels... just a speculation, I don't really know why it's thought of as being over released. I still think if anything we should just get a sequel in this case, as the Wii version can still be played on the Wii U.

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Is it possbile to oversaturate a game few people have played? This isn't like rereleasing Final Fantasy IV over and over again. There are a lot of people that haven't played Okami, and I don't see a problem with porting it to other platforms, especially on the WiiU, where it would really work well.

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still not as oversaturated as Cave Story.

also Wii U is like 1/3 HD ports anyway, might as include HD remakes like this. It also fits since Wii gets a port of the PS2 version and now Wii U should get a port of the PS3 version.

also there's still probably a decent amount of people who know about Okami and would be interested to get it who still haven't and will be getting a Wii U. Makes sense to me. Regardless, it will probably still make more money than that stupid iOS TWEWY idea.

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