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So now that Nintendo Power is gone, I was wondering what the status is for Nintendo Magazine. I know that since the magazine is for another part of the world, not everything included in it would be valid information for me, such as games that are being released in Europe, but not North America. However, before I subscribe, is Nintendo of Europe planning on canceling it the way Nintendo of America canceled Nintendo Power, or is it still running strong?



I'm from Europe and I've bought ONM since issue 1 and have bought every single issue since (All 92 issues 0.0)
And since issue 88 they have done a redesign of the mag because of the launch of the Wii U, so they show no signs of canceling.
Anyway, if your from NA why don't you get Nintendo Force.



Official Nintendo Magazine is still going strong. It's pretty good in general, arguably less biased than Nintendo Power and does have some interesting articles, so it's worth checking out if you're desperate for an official magazine.

But honestly, I stopped subscribing to them simply because there was nothing much I couldn't find out online before the magazine printed it (and because whatever was supposedly exclusive ended up on their website before the print issue came out). Not sure whether print magazines are even worth caring about any more, and Nintendo Force isn't an exception to that (someone said that 'Nintendo Power died for a reason', and I sort of agree with them).

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OMN seems to have no signs of stopping, not to mention that they are not bad. I find them to be the best official magazine out there. I think that they absorbed at least one of the staff of the now defunct Ngamer (which was by far the best games magazine there imo)

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I have Game Informer, but since I switched addresses, they can't seem to send me my subscription anymore. I called them, and their service was terrible. Their lines went down 3 times in one session, and on the third time, I thought I had everything resolved and decided not to call back, because they had confirmed my new address and digital settings. Next month, no magazine. I'm gonna have to try and call again I guess.
Nintendo Power was cool for everything Nintendo, but I do agree they were pretty biased. I'd say a magazine that covers all platforms and and possibly electronics is good, but a magazine covering each individual brand is ideal if you can afford 3 subscriptions.


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i used to love it back in the 64 days i had a huge collection then. im not as keen anymore really for reasons already said like being able to find everything on the internet. Its a shame though its a more enjoyable format in a mag. Also im not very in to the editors at the moment they all seem a bit weird...

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Personally i used to subscribe to Nintendo Gamer which as others have said was a fantastic magazine but that died a death not long after nintendo power. Have read ONM on and off over the years but i just find it too "kiddie" for my tastes, was hoping with the death of Nintendo Gamer they may change it slightly but not noticed any major change as yet...



ONM is a good read, but the biggest problem the magazine faces like any other, as others have said is that the majority of articles printed you can find online elsewhere a few weeks earlier.



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