Topic: OFF-TV Play, how does it exactly work?

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I was wondering, if...

a) The image/sound you have on your gamepad is streamed 1:1 to your gamepad and then just scaled down to the new resolution (like you would do scaling an imagine in photoshop)


b) The console does not render in full resolution when streaming to the gamepad thus reducing payload on the processor/gpu, reducing power consumption and essentially saving up on ressources.

Because if it was b, you could basicly have better AI/physics, bigger levels and such on the gamepad at the cost of reduced resolution. Of course im just wildly speculating and no one will ever use such a technical thing as a "feature" per se, even more so I'd like to know how it works, anyone got some insight?

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I don't get your statements, but here's what I know:

The console can display same contents on both TV and GamePad without any kind of lag. The reason is because the GPGPU and the processor that are in the console, when working together, have sufficiently enough power to simultaneously stream content from TV to the Gamepad in almost 0.01 milliseconds latency.

I think that's how it works.

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@Scollurio I would imagine that images are rendered/scaled on the system itself, but I'm sure many developers have also optimized their games to run with the game-pad's native resolution, doing away with scaling altogether.

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