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The DKC delay was unfortunate, but makes sense. But that brings an issue that there is practically nothing coming out for Wii U in December. Anyway, The Pikmin 3 dlc and Link between Worlds trailer were the highlights for me. I was just about to take a much needed Pikmin break then Nintendo pull my right back in. The SM3DW trailer and Kirby 3D also got me pretty excited. Nothing else really interested me. Except, Sonic joining SSB4, but i expected this at some point.

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Super Mario 3D World actually looks fantastic. I'm disappointed that Tropical Freeze is delayed, but at least the game will be (hopefully) better. Kirby 3D looks promising. Sonic joining SSB4 is unsurprising but good news. New info about A Link Between Worlds was the most promising part in this Direct, in my opinion.



Good direct for me in the UK, all positives. Not interested in DKTF so the delay didn't affect me at all.



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The new trailer for Super Mario 3D World was fantastic. I was looking forward to the game before, but now i'm pretty hyped. The DKC delay was a bummer, but I can survive the extra 2 months. It was great to see Sonic is back in SSB4. The new trailer for A Link Between Worlds was pretty good as well, I'm a lot more excited for that game now. The reveal of Kirby 3DS was a nice little surprise, and it looks quite good. I'll be looking forward to new information on it.

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I thought it was a good direct. I was hoping for a Smash newcomer reveal and a preview to 3DS Miiverse, but overall I'm happy.


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Not much talk of 3rd party on the European one, NA handled that alot better. 3D Mario looks way better then in the direct they showed during e3 though and really hyped for the new Zelda. Really disappointed that there was no talk of TVii in Europe. I know I go on alot about it but is it too much to want to have a fully featured system like the others will be when they launch?

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cookiex wrote:

ScroogeMcLz wrote:

What's with that contradiction?

The Kirby game wasn't the last part of the direct in Europe. I wanted Shibata to end his segment with a fun surprise like he usually do (in February it was DKCR 3D, in April it was ALBW and in August it was PL vs. AA localization).

I see. It was the "last minute surprise" for America

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Two things that stood out for me:
1) Much more excited about 3D World
2) I am tempted to buy a 3DS for no other reason then to play A Link Between Worlds.

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Something else to consider regarding the games available this Holiday is the Wii Sports HD games will be released starting in early November. Nintendo seems to be going all in with SM3DW and their Wii-franchises(Karaoke, Party, Fit, Sports) to be the console movers this holiday season.

For 2014 the expected games are: Bayonetta 2, MK8, Smash Bros, X, Yarn Yoshi and now DKC:TF. I'm assuming there will be another huge Nintendo Direct in January again.

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I was a little disappointed with the Nintendo Direct. There didn't seem to be much updates (and definitely no new game content) pertaining to the Wii U as there was for the 3DS. I find it kind of odd because this holiday season is vital for the Wii U, and it's made worse with the delay of DK:TF. I was really looking forward to that game

I know there's stuff coming out for the Wii U this holiday (Mario, Wii fit, Wii sports, olympics) but there are still too many holes in the Wii U software lineup for Nintendo to ignore so blatantly. They don't have any significant RPGs, and no semi-realistic storyline type of game (like Sony's "The Last of Us). I begin to wonder if Nintendo's fun, bright color, family oriented, corporate culture is keeping them from seeing the wider scope of gaming and its variety of themes. I know they spoke about some stuff, like Assasin's Creed, but it feels like so little when it's the most obvious thing that's missing from their lineup--especially for this holiday. Then, compare that to the 3ds, which showcased some great RPGs, an original Zelda, an original Batman, and a new Kirby, to round rout the variety.

As it's becoming clear with the delay of Donkey Kong, the development window of console titles is becoming much lengthier and more sporadic, Nintendo should be much more proactive with 3rd parties to get some original stuff on the Wii U, and at least better promote their stuff (and indie stuff) on their marketing channels, especially a Nintendo direct. It's for their own interest as well.



Those big games you're referring to take a while to develop. They will come eventually.

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Super Mario 3D World Trailer
Kirby 3DS
ALBW Trailer

No Virtual Console (SMB3)
No new news on Pokemon XY (A new Poke would have been good enough)

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I went into it expecting some MiiVerse and NNID updates relating to the 3DS. Maybe some other cool eShop/MiiVerse surprises given the big update we had just before. I also went into it being only interested in Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. I know it's almost blasphemy but I wasn't really that hyped about the 3DS Zelda or 3D World. Was half expecting the big surprise to be "and all of the available Wii VC titles are on the Wii U now" or something similar.

Then they showed the 3D World trailer and now I'm VERY interested in that game. DK was delayed which didn't bother me much because I wasn't that interested in picking it up at launch. If it makes the game better then I'm more than happy to wait. The 3DS Kirby was a nice surprise and I do like a good portable platformer. Then they came out with the DLC for Pikmin 3 which was also nice. So overall it was pretty positive.

Just slightly annoyed that the 3DS and Wii U don't have integrated NNIDs, MiiVerse and eShop yet.

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I take back the never ending mouth full of negatiivity i spewed out about Super Mario 3D World....After catching that new wonderful gameplay footage trailer I'm officially now a believer. Plus The quick & kinetic speedy battle between Mario & Mega Man made me smile. Most of the Wi Party U games looked really gimmicky and not in a good way, aside from the Pebble net minii game wich atually looke pretty neat! I'm a sucker for these Wii Play/Party Nintendo tites so i'm getting it regardless... And kiby looks like more of the same. Easy, passive, over powered & 'whatever'....But this time in stereoscopic 3D and Wario VB/Mutant Mudds enivronment switching. I'd hit it..

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Yukari_Sendo wrote:

Anyways forgot, what did Japan get? Anything new worth mentioning?

  • New Wii U bundle (comes with both NSMBU & Wii Party U)
  • new Monster Hunter Frontier G trailer (Wii U)
  • new Taiko Drum Master: Wii U Edition trailer
  • new Attack on Titan trailer (3DS licensed game)
  • new Band Brothers P trailer (3DS)
  • new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call trailer (3DS)
  • Timeline listing the titles of the plethora of upcoming 3DS releases

In addition to the SM3DW, Pikmin 3, Wii Party U, Mario & Sonic, Smash Bros, Kirby 3DS, Bravely Default, & ALBW info we got.

They didn't get info on Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate, Ace Attorney 5, or Assassin's Creed IV like we did.


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CM30 wrote:

Pretty good direct (thanks to the 3D World trailer and Kirby 3DS announcement), but it could have been better. Like had Tropical Freeze not been delayed and instead got a new trailer featuring Enguarde or something.

And the lack of Mario Party Island Tour and Yoshi's New Island was kind of disappointing, making me worry these games have literally fell off Nintendo's radar.

Yea what the stuff, a new Mario Party is something I've never been excited for.
Now they drop the ball and waste all that hype IMO.

Blastoise-san wrote:

Sidewinder wrote:

They didn't do much for the Wii U in it..1 new trailer for Mario, Pikmin DLC, and info on 2 party games... Oh, and a delay for Donkey Kong.

I guess you didn't see the part where they talked about Wii Party U and convinced me that Mario&Sonic Oylmpics 2014 is really worth buying now? They also showed some 3rd party support of AC4.

Wot no one saw that part, mate.

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As for my opinions:

  • SM3DW Trailer - I don't have a Wii U (and won't be able to get one for quite some time), but I was all sorts of giddy for this.
  • DKCTF delay - Disappointing, but I don't have a Wii U, so not a big deal to me.
  • Wii Party U trailer - Looks kinda fun.
  • Pikmin 3 update - I don't have the game (nor am all that interested in it), so yawn.
  • Mario & Sonic trailer - looks okay, but nothing I'd probably get.
  • SSB Sonic announcement - Very cool. Smash news is always welcome.
  • Sonic Lost World trailer - I'm so burned out on this since it seems like the only thing Gamexplain wants to talk about these days (I swear, half of their more recent videos have to be analysis for this game, and they're not even a Nintendo exclusive news channel), so yawn.
  • Skylanders trailer - yawn
  • Assassin's Creed IV trailer - Looking cool, but nothing new.
  • Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate trailer - Same as above.
  • Bravely Default trailer - Very awesome looking. Really anticipating it, and I don't seem to mind the English VAs.
  • AA:DD trailer & demo - Looking pretty cool. Will DL the demo later.
  • ALBW trailer - Looking very nice. My most anticipated game this year.
  • Kirby 3DS trailer - A true surprise, and I got really hyped.

I know I seemed harsh in spots, but the good parts were very good, and I think it was a great ND.


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