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SKTTR wrote:

Animal Crossing U
A Wii U game starring Luigi, and not just some retail DLC, it's the year of Luigi after all.
Endless Ocean 3
Excitebots Trick Racing HD (EU version)
No More Heroes 3

Some indie games that caught my attention: Hotline Miami, Guacamelee, FTL, still hope for Machinarium.

Risk (this is predestined for Wii U's concept, why is this not in development already?)

Worms (A good one please. The 2 Wii games weren't great. Worms: A Space Oddity was very different from the classic Armageddon-style and Worms: Battle Islands was a lazy port with a horrible interface.)

You expect all of that for a release date this year? Animal Crossing U is something I wouldn't expect for a while. As for a Wii U Luigi game I'd expect a Luigi's Mansion 3, but definitely not this year. Just be happy with all the attention Luigi already got this year, as well as him getting starring roles in Super Mario 3D World and Mario Party: Island Tour! As for those other games, I really wouldn't expect those to release on Wii U this year.

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I really hope that Pokemon X/Y doesn't eat up the ND. It got it's own special ND last month lol.


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DestinyMan wrote:

I'm a pretty easy guy to please. Just give me Mario and Donkey Kong and I'm content. Everything else is a bonus.

I'll be happy with seeing more info on these two! I'd like to see a little more on Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics too, but I won't get too greedy.




Mk_II wrote:

I'm thinking the extended network outage that has been announced for today will also come into play... will we finally get the big "summer" update?

Yup, too much of a coincidence. Not holding my breath but I wouldn't be that surprised if this ended up being a MiiVerse, NNID for the 3DS and unified account system Direct.

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