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I realize that question may sound absurd to some of you (my flame-shield is ready), but seriously, IS it a game that people can enjoy alongside their significant others? Could YOU see that happening with YOURS, assuming you have a husband/wife etc? I ask because my fiancé bought me a 360 2 years ago for my bday, and tried to get into playing games with me (cod, borderlands, halo, and fusion frenzy, specifically), but she just either got bored or frustrated. She THINKS she would enjoy classic Nintendo titles like Mario and Kirby, and has said shed play with me on Wii U if I got one, and I would LOVE that. So, do you guys think that will be a good "couples" game? I'm already getting ACIII at launch, but I already know she won't be playing that.

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Yeah, most likely.
It's a good start for someone getting into gaming I suppose, and if nothing else the NSMB series always delivers on the multiplayer front.

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My Girlfriend and I used to play NSMBW quite alot on Co-op mode, but to be honest I just found the whole experiance to frustrating haha

I much prefer the single player mode.............. Perhaps if she was better at it



Kirby's Epic Yarn is good for some lighter weight co-op and so is the second player "star bit collector" mode in Super Mario Galaxy. Games like New SMB however can get a bit too intense which can make a less experienced second player give up leaving you to finish the game by yourself.

Looking at the Wii U launch library outside of Nintendo Land I'd say that Rayman Origins would be pretty awesome for co-op with a casual gamer. Starbit collecting with teeth you could call it. New SMB U should also be good.... but Rayman Legends is probably in a class of its own.

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If I can play NSMB2 with my 6 year old daughter, I doubt that NSMBU will hold any issues, unless the final boss is as freaking hard in co-op as NSMBWii!

You can always even give her a crack at single player, and you can save her by putting platforms underneath her at the appropriate moments.

But I would probably go with Skywake's options, Kirby's Return to Dreamland is also another really good co-op game

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Mario is what they call a matchmaker .

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Yeah totally! Me & my crush constantly play with my 3DS, playing any Mario game I've got, mostly Super Mario Bros. from the NES, constantly seeing which of us can get further to the end. And when we're not playing Mario, we usually battle each other in Pokemon. Ah, good times :3
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Really? I should play Mario with some of the girls in my school.
Oh wait. I have a girlfriend.
And I don't have Mario.
Meh. Whatevs.

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Me and my wife are 23 and still play together from time to time. To name a few, just about any mutliplayer Mario game, Kirby game (Kirby is a favorite of hers). For the 360, Disney universe, and somehow she likes to play around a little on Gears of War 3....Fun games to play together. Just don't get too far ahead of her, or try to show off

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I gifted my gf a 3DS XL along with NSMB2. We play co-op all the time, and it's LOTS of fun
She's somewhat even better than me when it comes to platformers, but we just play for fun and laugh like two idiots XD
Definitely an experience to recommend!


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Adhrast wrote:

I gifted my gf a 3DS XL along with NSMB2. We play co-op all the time, and it's LOTS of fun
She's somewhat even better than me when it comes to platformers, but we just play for fun and laugh like two idiots XD
Definitely an experience to recommend!

You're a better man then me. I gifted my wife my old 3ds when I picked up the XL for myself!

I've had a bad streak of finding games to play with my wife. We just have different tastes. Like most everyone else she has childhood memories of Mario, but if we play some NSMB co op she gets mad very quickly about falling in wholes. Diamond Trust of London has been our best couples game so far.

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This doesn't answer your question about NSMBU, but we found Zack and Wiki to be an excellent couples (and family) game. It's great to have all the different perspectives when you're struggling to complete a puzzle and it's very satisfying when the whole family can jump off the couch and yell, "YES!!!!!" when something finally works.



@nightsmoke: she gets mad very quickly about falling in wholes

how does she feel about falling in pieces??

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@k8sMum: lol, you got me on that one!

Zack and Wiki reminds me that we acutaly had a really great time playing a less then great title Mystery Case Files: the Malgrave Incident. The ponit and click segments were very easy so I was able to handle those without much trouble. The rest of it are hidden picture games which really sound lame but were fun with a partner.

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I have always found that, MarioParty games brings lovers together......untill someone steals a star, and all bets are off.

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I find a lot of Nintendo games are games girls like, add co-op and you have a great way to be connected with that special someone, I don't have a GF....yet but when I do I'll be playing co-op with her in games, heck even VSing her in games

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I bet a non gamer girlfriend would love to place the blocks with the gamepad.

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Heck naw, you'll want yerself some Bayonetta 2 right theyur. Them honeys love them some Bayonetta.

In all seriousness though, it's a definite yes. NSMB is a brilliant experience while playing in co-op, and it's always full of loving laughter and mayhem from what I've experienced with family members. There's more than just a chance that you'll want to pick yourself up a copy of NSMBU alongside your Wii U just for those unbeatable moments of fun with her.



GameLord08 wrote:

There's more than just a chance that you'll want to pick yourself up a copy of NSMBU alongside your Wii U just for those unbeatable moments of fun with her.

Well with my birthday coming up on 10/21, I was thinking about asking her to just pre-order it for me as a gift, hence one of the reasons I'm asking this question.

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