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@Ideal_Hero Oh. Damn, internet and sarcasm should never join forces.



Shining-Void wrote:

7 out of 21 tracks is "most"? Did you even try to research how many recycled tracks there are?

So I'm supposed to know the exact number of tracks in a game? Plus 1/3 is still a lot. If they put in that much effort, they should have made all the tracks new.

That is the first time in my life I have heard someone refer to 1/3 as "a lot."
Yes, all the music should have been new. But I'm not going to complain. I don't buy Mario games for the music.

Joshers744 wrote:

Sony_70 wrote:

Anyone else the hoping for DLC other than the challange courses. Would love to see world remakes from past 2D mario games.

Yes! Super Mario World levels in HD please!

I would like DLC to have (but not be limited to) levels from past Mario games. Maybe a DLC pack for each game? Some SMB1 levels in a pack, SMB3 levels in a pack, SMW levels in a pack... SMB2?

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Xilef wrote:

zezhyrule wrote:

All of the music is not completely new, that's it I am not buying this game ever

Just because of the music?

I have been known to put my decision of purchasing games based solely on how good the music is, but in this case yes, it was sarcasm

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I have always have enjoyed the single player mode. I have plaid with mediocre skill level gamers when it comes to the NSMB I have yet to play with people that would best me when it comes to play NSMB, I think im at an 8 skill level when it comes to 2D Mario games but either way I wouldnt be surpised if NSMBU becomes one of my favorite Wii U games of the bat.

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Any word on this game having a speed run mode.


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Sony_70 wrote:

Any word on this game having a speed run mode.

They had one mode where the level scrolls and you need to pick up coins in order to make it go faster. So thats sort of an speed run mode. There will also be some speed run levels in the challange mode, and those levels are made just for the challange mode.



3Dash wrote:

Here's a pic of the inventory in NSMBU.

So I'm guessing its an item system similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 where you can hold on to them?

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CM30 wrote:

Same system was present in New Super Mario Bros Wii too.

Oh I forgot. Just shows how all the NSMB games kinda blur together for me..

Hopefully this one will change that!

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But hey, anyone say this new footage of Coin Battle mode from the official website?

Looks pretty good I'd say, I like all the different levels and arenas you can play in this mode, and the coin placement stuff is sort of like a level editor.

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A full fledged level editor would've been better, but hey, I'll take it.


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Anyone else having issues with Miiverse not working in NSMBU? It worked beautifully before but ever since Miiverse went down and came back up, it won't load any user comments at all. I even went and adjusted the setting on the NSMBU menu and in the Miiverse settings.

I assume this feature could simply be unavailable at the moment but it doesn't hurt to ask. Any advice/updates would be appreciated.

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Not sure if this was brought up, or if I'm just doing it wrong, but it seems that you can only use the Gamepad in NSMBU when you are either playing single-player, or multiplayer with Boost mode on. I couldn't play multiplayer normally with it.


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The gamepad is only for boost blocks in multiplayer,unfortunately.

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