Topic: NSMB U really doesn't deserve a high review score

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While I agree the music COULD use some new shine, I feel the level design and overall challenge is better in NSMBU.

And hey, at least we got what everyone can consider a good Mario game at launch.

It could be, like you know, the 3DS launch.

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Hey, wow, wow, this is in no way shape or form the kind of madness those Call of Duty games! They come out with a new game every year and it really doesn't feel different at all, such a money sucker! No body buys those games for their campaign, they buy it for the online, which hasn't changed a bit since Call of Duty Modern Warfare! I hate those games with an absolute passion because their is little to no variety or originality. Zombies was the best thing that ever happened to that franchise. If I were them, I would make a zombie series all on its own.

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CactusJackson wrote:

I also love how nearly everyone in this topic is debating their opinions as if they're facts. lol

Welcome to life . And yes, I know I'm one of those people.

Best thread ever
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I understand how you might be disappointed by Mario games all being mainly the same, but if it was the first Mario game ever made, would you have thought any differently anyways? That's like saying you hate money, because it's been in one form or another for centuries(as far as I know). They keep on improving on one formula. Do you hate money?


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HawkeyeWii wrote:

No body buys those games for their campaign


Actually, I, uhhh...

I do.


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HawkeyeWii wrote:

boring rant

I doubt anyone cares.

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Void wrote:


this is the best macro ever. amazing.

That said, the NSMB series in general has been polarizing. Some love it, some only love parts of it, and some think it's the worst thing to happen to Mario since Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine. If you don't agree with the hype, there's nothing wrong with that, and if you don't agree with the reviews, there's nothing wrong with that either. The reviewers seem to like these games, though, so if it's a series you're not feeling and someone is giving it a glowing review, just take it with a healthy pinch of salt. There's not much else you can do, really..

If you'd like to continue discussion of the game at hand, the main NSMBU topic awaits you all. Enjoy! :3

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