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I'be been a huge Nintendo fan all my life. I grew up in on the NES and the SNES, and I stood in line for 18 hours to buy the Wii on launch day. Unfortunately I was ultimately very disappointed with the Wii, but I am intrigued by the Wii U information shown at E3, but I think Nintendo is going to have a rough time with their new system. I wanted to share an article I published that explains my thoughts in detail.

Am I way off base, or do you agree that Nintendo is walking a thin line, and if they make a wrong move its going to hurt them, one way or another?



I totally disagree. I think the Wii turned out to be a great system, there are so many good games for the Wii, I don't think that has really happened since the NES/SNES days. I know there are more Wii "must have" games in my collection than in any system i've owned since the NES.



I think you're on point. Thing is, lots of these proclaimed "hardcore" gamers are full of it. And it's a shame that makes up for the majority of folks. Things aren't the same like they were before, obviously. And really, it's something we will have to see when WiiU is on the market for at least 2 years. I'm confident Nintendo will pull through. They are somewhat nudging into the smartphone market with eShop and Miiverse on the way to be accessed through mobile devices. It's interesting how the big three, especially Nintendo, are embracing mobile devices but not in the way one would think (of course, Microsoft has been in the mobile scene for years). They're using mobile phones to link back to their platforms which I think is the best way to go for Nintendo.

I don't know. I'm no business man or analyst and frankly, I don't have to be to look at the broad picture of what's happening in the gaming industry like one person says who lurks around here. Nintendo hasn't lost me because I just don't care for all this "core" non-sense. I have always enjoyed a large plate of different games and new experiences and I'm one to adapt to things far easily than others. Not the same for everyone obviously, but it's a shame people close themselves off and choose alliances. But I digress. I have high hopes for WiiU and want Nintendo stick around as long as they can. Props to them for being the only pure gaming company still manufacturing game systems and pushing new ways to enjoy games in the mainstream and building upon failed concepts of the past. They know how to live and learn :3



I cannot imagine anyone who abandoned the Wii because it wouldn't run the latest Call of Duty game in full HD with 32-player multiplayer is going to be won back by anything Nintendo does, even if the Wii-U ended up being a clone of the Xbox. Nintendo has to have confidence in their more inclusive direction and innovative gaming interfaces or they'll give the impression that they don't know what they're doing.

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Nintendo dared to make a console that was and is based on motion control. This console has been successful and thats that.

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