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Why is it a problem that Nintendo didn't make this some super hardcore FPS?
Some casual games like this can be a lot of clean fun.

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I'll be stupid not to have this game packed in with WiiU.

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The biggest thing I saw with NintendoLand was the MMO style online setup the Miiverse was bringing to it. Being able to meet people and play with others in an open, jump in and jump out kind of online setup has me excited. I also would say that it is a must to have this as a packaged game, if not even preinstalled on the Wii U. Goes out to buy USB harddrive



skywake wrote:

all of the game symbols.....

What I'm guessing from left to right by row-
Zelda, Daisy(?), Metroid, Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Yoshi, don't know this, looks like the Donkey Kong rails(?), don't know this, Starfox OR F-Zero, and I have no idea on the last one.
I had to grasp at straws. >_<

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Oh yes, but I want to know specific genres you find interesting. I mean, Pikmin 3 looks like GOTYLMNOP to me, but not to everyone. You say you didn't find many games that you are intrested in at E3. No problem there. I'm honestly curious.

And seriously. Thanks for ignoring the Wii Sports comment. Way too tired, not right in the head. Sorry for coming off so aggressive.

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My guesses.

Zelda, _______, Metroid, Mario
Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Yoshi, Game and Watch
Donkey Kong, The Ninja Star one shown at E3, F-Zero (Confirmed at E3), Balloon Fight



The flower one is Pikmin. There was an animatronic Spotty Bulborb in the park.



It will be free. I just know it will. I would still buy it if it wasn't. The games look pretty fun. It's like bite-sized versions of Nintendo's games. Therefore, instead of having to wait for a full release, you can get multiple, smaller versions of the games. Plus, it seems like a great way to show developers how to use the new controller and to inspire them.


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Radixxs wrote:

Miss_Rarity wrote:

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Oh god. This better be free..


You're telling me. Yeah, now that's the perfect way to show off Zelda - a Mini-game that is in no way like the Zelda series or even features anything from the series besides link outfits and the Master Sword. Oh, and the Triforce. It's obviously just a reskinned Sword-Fighting game from Wii Sports resort extept twice as slow and one of the characters has to use a bow.

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Last time I heard, moblins, chuchus, that music, bows and walking around to find a dungeon were part of the zelda experience.

Meowph, that's right!

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I forgot to mention the music. And by that I forgot to mention how bad of a remix it was. But I seriously did not recognize any of those enemies. Was the boss supposed to be Ganon? WTF.

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I agree with @Mickeymac on some levels. While I like the idea of a mini-game compilation based around a theme park, the art style just isn't working for me. For games like Zelda and F-Zero, its super weird to see them in such a strange, cuddly-like appearance. Aside from that, The Legend of Zelda : Battle Quest does seem like a re-done sword mini-game from Wii Sports Resort. Lastly, along with the art style, I could've done without the Mii's -.-

Like, they could still be walking around the main area, but they look completely ridiculous in their little costumes for each mini-game.

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I just saw the F-Zero minigame. It's soooo sloooooow. Same with that Zelda mini-game - it's like a slower version of sword quest. They better not make very mini-game this slow.

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Not sure if everyone's already said this, but:
My idea is that Nintendoland should be pack-in with additional DLC minigames which would cost a few dollars a piece.
I'm not paying 50€ for it, if it's not pack-in.


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