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Does Nintendo tvii have free shows like on wii. remember the wii show with gary and allison, stuff like that.

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no. its a cool tv guide that helps you find your show, either on live tv or a video service. it also allows you to leave comments about a show, which is also sent to facebook or twitter. Soon you'll be able to ger dvr functions

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can you buy digital movies on tv ii.

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PhoenixUltra wrote:

can you buy digital movies on tv ii.

Well technically yes if you wanna use Amazon Video

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can we watch the show on the GamePad...or not?

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no it is meant as an interactive guide/controller which is very nice experience for me so far.. I stop using my cable remote and just use the gamepad.....however I assume if you use amazon video you can watch it on your gamepad i believe and netflix once it is online with Tvii....

The live function is very impressive instead of just using the guide I can instantly see which movies/shows are available based on my favorites list very nice.... sports is good to... if I had EVERY CHANNEL available I could probably actually like cable....

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