Topic: Nintendo Remaking games? Is it helping or ruining game legacy's?

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I don't think a single remake Nintendo made has ruined a legacy...

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DarkwingLz wrote:

I don't think a single remake Nintendo made has ruined a legacy...

I don't think a single remake has ruined a legacy period.

I mean, people still love River City Random, Donkey Kong Country and Sonic the Hedgehog. Not to mention Silent Hill 2's re-release was considered a disaster and it's still considered ONE OF THE BEST HORROR GAMES EVER MADE.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 better be happening! In the meanwhile though, here's a fun little Let's Play of the original. Think you'll like the game if you like Zelda!

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If they never made a HD remake of Wind Waker, I probably would have never played it.

So I'm glad they did, as it's turned out to be one of my favourite Zelda games,

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Personally, my thoughts on this can be summed up in two lines:

1. No remake has ever ruined the 'legacy' of an old game. At least, none on a Nintendo system.

2. I'd rather see 'real' remakes than HD ports with tweaked graphics and only a minimal amount of new stuff. More Mario 64 DS/Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, less Wind Waker HD.

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