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I dont know if the different language versions of Nintendos newsletter are different, but i found this a few moments ago in the german version (translated):

"What is Wii U ?"
"You havnt discovered our new TV console yet ? Then take the short but sweet discovery tour to find out all about its exciting features.With its revolutionary controller, the Wii U Gamepad, the Wii U will change the way you experience entertainment."

Really !? After all this time they think that noone heard of that console instead of showcasing new and upcoming games ? The only "Wii U Game" thats advertised is Kirbys Adventure -.- Again, the whole Newsletter is packed with 3DS game news. Not bad per se, but are they ignoring their own product ? Are they even interested in advertising that thing ? I get the fealing that the folks over at nintendo seem to be the only people who are asking "what is the Wii U"...

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The only believable way Wii U could sales could hope to improve sales before Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart etc. would be to do a better job at showing why people need to get the new console itself. Also using Kirby's Adventure as a new game example would be hilarious and sad.

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