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Ya, it probably only costs $10 for the Nintendo Land disc, I think.
The charge stand and regular stand are $20 MSRP, vertical stands are $5 off the Nintendo Store, and the extra memory is like $20. It's $45 for the Deluxe extras, then there's still $5 left to include the Deluxe Digital Promo(not saying that's exactly how it works, but they give something back).
The Wii U console at the bare minimum costs $300 U.S. + tax(if applicable). The Deluxe Set is just extras.
Really you would be fine having the basic set. I'm actually starting to see why some would want it. It's the bare minimum.
If you only buy discs, there's more than enough memory for saves. If you buy digital, you're gonna buy a hard drive, which makes any ammount of memory inside the Wii U extra, anyway.
I have a 2TB ext HDD hooked up, so my Wii U internal HDD has nothing on it.

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I really wanted the monster hunter bundle but it never came to NA. So i just snaged the Deluxe for 300 (was on sale at tiger direct) and picked up MH and NSMBU.

Give a look at walmarts website, they had some kind of make your own bundle going on however i dont remember the price.

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@Mahe: Seriously, what's the hate with Nintendo Land? It's easily one of the best games for the system. Yeah, some of the games seem unbalanced once you first play them, but once the players are get used to their controls and their roles the games feel incredibly balanced; one side isn't guaranteed to win once the players get used to the game. And it doesn't necessarily take too long too. In fact, I feel like Nintendo really went out of their way to make sure the competitive games were balanced no matter the number of players, from changing the rules of Sweet Day from carrying as much candy in the Animals' mouth to dropping them at spread out bases when only two players are present, to decreasing the size of the playing field for 2-3 players in Luigi's Ghost Mansion, to adding in the robot Yoshis in Mario Chase for a 2-player match. I hate it when people say the competitive games are unbalanced. If you think the guards in Sweet Day are underpowered, you play horrible gaurds. If you think the Ghost in Luigi's Ghost Mansion is overpowered, you play a horrible ghost catcher. And the game is great whether you're alone or with friends. I actually played through the entire main quest of Zelda Battle Quest by myself, I loved that particular game so much. But I love all of the Nintendo Land games, with the exception of Yoshi's Fruit Cart, but that's just because I don't like that kind of game. Nintendo Land has pretty much become the go-to multiplayer game for anybody in my household. You should give the game another chance.

@Dunkenstein: Get Nintendo Land, you won't be disappointed. It's a blast whether you're alone or with friends.

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