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Burning_Spear wrote:

On the Nintendo support forum, someone said that a Nintendo customer-service rep indicated that there will be a patch next month. I hope next month means December 1.

Link please? I've heard lots of people say a patch comes this week, I hope it's not all the way in December...

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December is only 5 days away.

I'm sure Nintendo is weighing the risks of another patch right now. It will have to go through alot of QA to be sure it's not only going to fix the freezing, but also not create 5 new bugs in the process.

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So glad it's not just me. Only other game that has done this to me was when me and my wife tried capture the chao in Sonic racing.

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What I know about the freezing/locking up. First of all it is definitely a problem. Second of all it is nothing to worry about, your Wii U will NOT die, worst case scenario a save file gets corrupted. While playing NFS Most Wanted U it froze up a lot for me. I changed the Miiverse language to English only and this helped a LOT. I also think that manually entering your router info into the WiFi settings will remove the cause of the other freezes and the cause of the Wii U disconnecting from the internet randomly. I have not tried the last fix yet.


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