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I sent in my Wii U for repairs earlier, they replaced it with a new one, and I found upon its arrival that Nintendo had not transferred the old image. I then proceeded with setup, and I was able to sign into my original account. I then saw that my Mii was still there and my digital games could be re-downloaded free of charge. I have yet to do so, and Nintendo Land was originally not playable, (the issue was that discs could not be read) so I am not sure about save data yet. So to those worrying about losing your games if your system dies, worry no more.


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That's great news cheers man

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Woah. That's actually really important information. This needs to be known.

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Maybe this great piece of information will quiet the worries of some. Thanks for posting this.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Whiners are still gonna whine

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What about wii VC? Was that transfered

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