Topic: Nintendo has unannounced Wii U titles set for release before 2014

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Some more SMT X FE info? That would be nice.

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It's not going to be anything big like SM3DW or MK8. Maybe some small eShop titles, but nothing bigger than that. Nintendo is trying to save the Wii U, and that means announcing every AAA title possible. I'll be damned if it's not Dillon's Rolliong Western U or something like that.

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I would love to see a new Muramasa game. Demon Blade was one of my favorites on the Wii.




gaby_gabito wrote:

I would love to see a new Muramasa game. Demon Blade was one of my favorites on the Wii.

Nintendo paying for a Muramasa sequel on Wii U would make them the clear winner of the console war as far as I'm concerned, with or without better sales.

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It could be something like a Wii Sports Resort U or new side scrolling Kirby? Can hardly wait to see what's in store.



My optimism for Nintendo is slowly waning, they gotta start dropping some hot titles.



I think this is a good strategy to use for Nintendo.

If a new titles gets announced every month surely that will get potential customers excited??

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Wouldn't be the first time and I wouldn't get my hopes up for anything that grand. They were doing this even before they started doing Nintendo Directs. They did it with Mario Tennis Open on the 3DS, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! Wii, Excitebots in the US, Rhythm Heaven. I'm sure they did some before the Wii era also.

Lots of stuff that hasn't got much fanfare, appeared out of the blue and ended up being pretty good.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Sony_70 wrote:

Than why did they barley announce anything at E3. Nintendo isn't in thwbpostion where they can hold cards close to the chest.

Maybe they only focused on titles with potential for big sales for E3 and are doing some niche cool thing that would be overshadowed? I mean that's what they did with the Wonderful 101, granted I thought that was stupid then too.

I'd approve of more focus on digital games and making them matter on Nintendo so if it is more digital titles, I'm all for it. Especially since they won't cost 60 dollars.

That sounds plausible... They wanted to discuss their BIG titles at E3 to get people's attention and to ease owners fears. They have smaller games getting ready to launch.... Get ready for a mini game explosion!! (J/k)

IMO I think it sounds like a bunch of eshop games. Which I'm totally cool with when I look at the cool eshop games on the 3ds developed by Nintendo (Dillon's, Pushmo/Crashmo, etc) perhaps eshop games that use the controller in unique ways that wouldn't fit into a mini game collection.... Which instead of selling mini game collections they should just sell individual games a la carte... I'm not into buying Game and Wario, but if they released each game as DLC I would buy the ones I'm interested in like Gamer. But because they stuff them all together for $40 I feel like I'm paying for content I really don't want. So I'm renting it instead. They want my money they have to figure out how to deliver the ones I want without the ones I don't.



Perhaps they'll talk about VC, like those GBA games we've been promised. And maybe even, gasp GameCube games! Not holding my breath for something like that though.


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