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In case you haven't noticed Nintendo fans have been divided either because one side supports region locking and the other doesn't or because one wants Smash Bros 4 to have a story mode like Brawl and the other doesn't...
And that does no good for us, we have to "Unite Up" and do everything we can to change this...Sony fans succeeded in this,they wanted an achievement system so they all asked Sony for one and the got Trophies.
The point of this topic isn't to put an achievement system on the Wii U(although that would be pretty cool),The point of this topic is to sign...petitions.
And I know it may seem useless...and maybe a little pathetic but if we all sign these petitions I'm sure even the thick headed Square Enix and EA will listen to us,it won't take much time either,you just have to sign the ones you think are relevant and I'm sure we will be rewarded...
There are about 5 million Wii U owner in the world,and even more Nintendo fans....Most of these petitions only ask for 10.000 signatures and I know that I won't be reaching to all Wii U owners with this post but this is the best I can do...And I hope you appreciate that.Thank you for reading
If you're still skeptical about signing these petitions watch this video and skip to 09:55 he does a much better job at explaining this then I do

These are the links to some of the petitions

Sign as many as you can because I'm sure something will come out of all our effort

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Some of the links didn't come out too well so just drag them to you URL bar


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It doesn't matter what the fans want, jabronies!


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Please feel free to advertise whatever petition(s) you please via your user signature. good luck to you! :3

future of NL >:3
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