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Dear people,

E3 is just around the corner so I thought: Lets make a list of all the games we can expect that matter!

Wii u:

-Game and Wario
-The wonderful 101
-Pikmin 3: Not really my cup of tea, but a big franchise. Many people are waiting eagerly for this game.
-New 3D Mario: confirmed. I wonder what we can expect from it. Galaxy 3, Sunshine 2 or something totally new?
-Mariokart Wii u: confirmed
-Super smash brothers Wii u: confirmed
-Yarn Yoshi
-Windwaker HD
-New Retro studios title
-Sonic Lost world: We already have seen some footage! This is inspired by the canceled Sonic x-treme and Mario galaxy. It looks great
-Rayman legends
-X: The supposed sequel to Xenoblade chronicles! Could be great
-Bayonetta 2


-Professor Layton 6
-Yoshi island 3DS
-Mario golf 3DS
-Mario and Luigi 4
-Zelda Alttp 2: I really want to see and hear more about it! What's the story? How much of it is new?
-Smash brothers 3DS
-Sonic lost world

If I forgot some titles, I may update it!

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Look another E3 thread seriously use one of the already started threads.

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please feel free to discuss E3 here. thanks.

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