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Well, they expect you to pay an extra $50 if your 'hardcore' for the elite pass that gives you all the maps for a year from all the COD games, but it's stupid. I plan on getting DLC, because it's my first COD game and I want to enhance it for sure, but I can't imagine how painful it was for people buying all the DLC packs since Modern Warfare 1 for probably $60 every year extra besides the game. That's kind of why I haven't played any of them 'til now, and not seeing the hype for a new game that's basically the same every 6-12 months. They should have just made all the features in the game DLC, and let you choose what you want to buy from there individually, or buy it all as a bundle... I know some people only play that game online.


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I don't want to be the spoil sport on this, but Japan is suppose to have TVii on day 1. That's three days. I imagine the vast majority of the Wii U presentation will be that along with numbers and fixes. You may get an eShop game, but that is probably it. I imagine the 3DS news will enforce release dates for Animal Crossing and maybe a few others.

The only reason they may have an outside possibility of big game announcements is to jump in front of the VGAs on Friday, but Nintendo doesn't usually concern itself with getting into that kind of hype.


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Nintendo says, be patient, and have faith as their next Nintendo Direct. I read the script... haha.


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to me this update probably will be about bring miiverse to the 3ds and being able to now log in on the pc and such like they had mentioned before maybe some game releases for the start of next year or a few games coming out start of next year nothing to big

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i stopped playing mario kart now and moved on to luigis mansion :P

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Sweet! Harmo Knight is coming!

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HarmoKnight wrote:

Sweet! Harmo Knight is coming!

Did you see the statue of Reshiram's face in the footage?

I foresee what you'll do there.
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No release date for Pikmin 3... That was what I was looking forward to... But it looks like those blasted Spotty Bulbears are back. Of all enemies to return...

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They did show Game & Wario, but there was no release date. The game still looks great, though, and "Gamer" looks like fun. Harmoknight coming to North America is welcome news too.

Sure, I was hoping for more, but that's why I keep expectations low, something people fail to do time and time again.

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i'm patiently waiting Wii U Virtual Console. Should I keep buying stuff in Wii Mode or just wait?


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